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About Me

I'm an Eco-feminist, environmentalist, active in local and world wide women's circles for change and transformation. I practice and teach Reiki Healing and share Astrology Readings.

I am a survivor who has delved deep and arisen like the Phoenix from the ashes of my past. I am happy to live my life now and I can honestly say, I am truly thriving! I am committed to ending gender based violence and oppression and being a part of the solution that brings forth a sustainable future.

My Vision

I envision a world guided by the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, where the feminine principle brings balance to our planet earth.


I desire community connections, friendship, hope, and tenderness. I need acceptance, love, healing and compassion for us all.


Support, Networking, Non Profit knowledge, Women's Land, Reiki Healing, Astrology, Transformation Game


Women and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceWomen's HealthHuman Rights for Women