A Woman's Bill of Rights (A personal anthem)

Orlando Ceaser
Posted February 7, 2018 from United States

These truths should be self-evident;

Self-explanatory and meant

To state the rules that must be kept;

This code of conduct I accept.

When I say no then all should stop.

I want a clear path to the top.

I have the power to refuse

The people causing me to lose.

If they want to dance and I do not;

They may run cold, but I run hot;

I’m confident and pick my fights;

Courage is in my Bill of Rights.

I will be treated with respect.

I am impatient with neglect.

I will earn trust and call a truce,

But will not tolerate abuse.

I will read you my Bill of Rights;

With preconditions and insights,

That govern how I will relate

And what I will not tolerate.

Women deserve equality,

Do not use my biology,

To dismiss me with bogus claims,

Just give me access to the game.

Equal work should get equal pay

And listen to the words I say.

I am willing to pay my dues.

Don’t think for me, just let me choose.

This constitutes my Bill of Rights.

Don’t overpower me with might.

Do not negate my liberty.

Do not erode my dignity.

Decisions and the male ego

Sometimes collide when I say no.

When doing things against my will,

The pressure feels like overkill.

We will embrace our feelings

And hope to replace glass ceilings.

Injustice is a lightning rod.

We will press on against all odds.

Some may try strength to hold me down.

And bully me to make me frown.

They are not heroes in my eyes

And I have learned to improvise.

So, pick on someone your own size

I’ve learned the art of compromise,

But I have rules by which I live;

What I receive and what I give.

Authority to seek my dreams;

Live a life with high self-esteem;

To be pampered as royalty,

Worthy of love and loyalty.

I own my body and my mind.

I’m not a hostage you can bind.

I won’t accept the slurs and slights,

This is a Woman’s Bill of Rights.

Copyright © 2018 Orlando Ceaser

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Feb 07, 2018
Feb 07, 2018

Yaaaayyyyyy I love this. I love your expression in form of a poem and I concur.

Thanks a lot for writing it

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Feb 07, 2018
Feb 07, 2018

Wow! How empowering! Thank you, Orlando. What an immortal gift to women. Bravo!