Maisha 4uture mumz campaign on reproductive health club for young people

Odion Anavhe
Posted March 23, 2015 from Nigeria
Maisha 4uture mumz campaign
reproductive health session held at Aunty Ayo’s girls high school Ikoyi Lagos

The session which brought together over 100 young girls started with a warm welcome and a brief introduction by the founder of Theodora Anavhe Adamu Foundation Odion Anavhe. In her statement, she noted that It’s not easy to be a young person living in this world today because compared with adults, young people like are at higher risk of illness and even death from pregnancy related complications, HIV infection, or other sexually transmitted infections. In addition, unintended pregnancy is often the main cause for young girls leaving formal education, the consequences of which can take a toll on their families, community, and the future development of Nigeria. She pointed out that one of the causes for adolescent pregnancy among others is a lack of service and high-quality comprehensive sexuality education for young people like hence, the Maisha 4uture mumz campaign was born-to provide young people with information about their reproductive health. She said that the goal of this campaign is to establish reproductive health clubs in schools where young people get adequate information about their reproductive health and rights because it isn’t just the right thing to do, but a fair thing to do as it’s their rights as human beings to get quality and right information about your reproductive health. She note that apart from giving information, these clubs will also serve as a platform where young people can confidently discuss among their peers, raise up questions and concerns about challenges as it regards their reproductive health rights which will be taken to appropriate stakeholders for action. She concluded by saying in the coming years, she hopes that these clubs across the country breeds a generation of young people whose voices will be heard in policy making decision. She desires to see the 4uture generation of women in Nigeria empowered to make wise decisions as it regards their reproductive health.

After the welcome note, Mr Kola Alao who stood in for the principal of the school welcomed the students (over a hundred in attendance) who were really eager to learn, to the session. He talked about the usefulness of a program like this at this strategic period in their lives and urged them to pay keen attention to the session.

The session started with a 6 minutes video on the male and female reproductive system after which the students were divided into 10 groups and given questions to discuss with their groups. After 20 minutes, they all came back together and representatives of each group came and gave a summary of what was discussed in their group. At the end of the session, Biodun Odunukwe, a renowned writer and speaker and a parenting coach gave a recap and closed the event.

Here are some comments we got from the girls after the session: “I really enjoyed this session, I wish there can be more of these sessions available for young girls like me. I gained more knowledge on how the female reproductive system works”-Nafisa (social prefect).

“This session was really nice. I will love to learn more to help me in future”- Toyin

Action Health Incorporated and HELLO Lagos gave some promotional materials to support this session.



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Yvette Warren
Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015

Very good and necessary work, Odion.