Teach young girls to be responsible for the vulnerable

Odion Anavhe
Posted July 29, 2019 from Nigeria
Her Hygiene Matters
Let it bother you that a fellow girl or woman today stands a risk of a reproductive tract infection because she doesn't have hygiene products to collect her blood
Teach girls to speak for girls. The world will be better (1/7)

I watched as shock and dismay covered the faces of the young girls as I spoke to them about challenges vulnerable women and girls encounter during menstruation and after child birth. There has always been a big divide in the hygiene state of girls in the city and those from low income communities. A gap so wide we must raise girls in cities to lend their voices to advocate for girls in low income communities. You see, while girls in city have the options to choose different hygiene products during mensturation, most girls from low income communities are limited to using papers and rags. Women from low income communities aren't left out of this too as they are faced with using unhygienic material after delivery to collect blood. Most women and girls in low income communities do not know the plight vulnerable women go through especially as it regards their hygiene state. Our Her Hygiene & Her Campaign also creates awareness about these to young girls in the city and raises tgem as hygiene advicates fir vulnerable women and girls.

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Jill Langhus
Jul 29, 2019
Jul 29, 2019

Hi Odion,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, post and inspiring campaign. It sounds like very powerful, and much needed one. Please keep up the great work!

Hope you're having a great day, and that you have a great week!

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jul 29, 2019
Jul 29, 2019

Hello, Odion,

This is just a great idea. I’m glad you’ve observed this: “ A gap so wide we must raise girls in cities to lend their voices to advocate for girls in low income communities.”

Please continue to update us. What a great way for city girls to help those in the low-income communities. Great project! Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth Ziro
Jul 29, 2019
Jul 29, 2019

A great initiative. Keep on keeping on

Aug 02, 2019
Aug 02, 2019

Hello Odion,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful campaign and for inspiring young city girls to be the voices of others. Keep impacting. I love the tee design.