What's your menstruation story?

Odion Anavhe
Posted July 30, 2019 from Nigeria

What menstruation stories did you hear growing up (true and fiction)?

I heard about girls who taught they got injured in their pininin and got so scared...

I heard about others who weren't prepared for the experience and acted hysterically at the sight of their blood...

I was about 12 going to 13 when I first started menstruating. I had felt the urge to use the toilet and discovered two tiny drops of blood sitting on my panties. Luckily for me, my mum had prepared me for this and I had an elder sis who was already in the boat.

Back in the day's (dunno about now) menstruation was a big deal. It meant you had graduated from a small girl  circle into the big girls clique (you know those cliques that talked about "boys, parties and all) with little or no information about menstruation matters.

I was a shy and introverted girl while growing up so menstruation was a big deal for me to handle. Apart from the horrific pain that accompanied every period was the fact that I was shy about it. I feared being stained and talked about in school (believe me I had seen one too many girls being stained and I didn't want to be part of the gist Toluwalope Adewusi can testify) so I devised both hygienic and unhygienic means to achieve this dream (believe me you don't want to know, lol). I would use my sanitary towel and use tissue paper (thank God none of my tubes got blocked) to support, sometimes it felt so uncomfortable you'd notice from the way I walked (whoever thought I'd be writing about this?)

So even though I went to a good secondary school with access to basic WASH infrastructure (toilets, water system and refuse bins) it was so uncomfortable coming to school when I was on and if for any reasons my period started in school, I'd almost faint trying to collect sanitary towel from the school counsellor who always had them to give. 

Funny experience but I wish I knew some things then that I know now. 

Now, more than before, girls need to be taught ( I hear some girls start menstruating as early as 9 years old) about the changes their bodies experience and that it sometimes comes with a change in their mood so they can take charge. They need to be taught to embrace womanhood, menstruation is an initiation into womanhood. They need to be taught to speak about it and ask questions when they need to. They need access to good menstrual & hygiene education and hygienic menstrual products (regardless of their economic status). They need to know that It's normal and it prepares them if God decides to bring forth "mini them" into this world.

Dear menstruating girl-s, you aren't dirty, no, you aren't smelling, you are a woman, you are beautiful!

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Jill Langhus
Jul 30, 2019
Jul 30, 2019

Hi Odion,

Thanks for sharing your personal menstruation experience. Do you help girls to empower and teach girls about menstruation? It sounds like you do, which is great:-) You may want to consider submitting this story under this topic: https://www.worldpulse.com/raise-your-voice/menstruation-matters.

Hope you're having a great week!?

Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Jul 31, 2019
Jul 31, 2019

Hello, Odion,

This is beautiful. You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your innocence on how to prevent having menstrual stains. I love how you ended this, too.

Rahmana Karuna
Jul 31, 2019
Jul 31, 2019

Dearest Odion, is that a picture of you as a child. i love it. the smile. the light in her eyes. blessed be all girls and women and humans........
my story, thank you for asking, i am 64 now, i think
My family moved into a new track of suburbian houses, on a creek, outside of Detroit, Michigan. i walked maybe a 1/2 mile to the elementary school, no major road crossings. 11 years old. as usual came home for lunch. i went to the toilet, oh my i pooped my pants. i quickly changed. after lunch i went to the toilet again. ohhh, moooooooommmmmmmmmmmm. so mom hooks me up with a sanitary belt and sanitary pad of the 60s. i go to school. i have to pee. i do not know what to do. i go to the teachers lounge and knock on the door, a male teacher answers, i ask for a female teacher, she comes, she tells me what to do, as i walk away i heard peels of laughter coming from the teachers lounge. i knew she told them.
some months later on summer break and at the beach with my girlfriend i must have started bleeding. she only had a tampon. not knowing how to use it, i put it parallel with and between my labia. THAT did NOT feel right. i told my friend. i do WHAT? well, that is my story.
and in the last 15 years in this very vagina unfriendly town, i have produced The Vagina Monologues several times, and her new stuff. where men are on stage. difficult to find men to step up.
She took the monologue out this past year with the girls menarch stories.
well, i just went looking for it on youtube. couldn't find it, but found this one which i think is hilarious. hmmmmm, as this is an international platform. with many countries, and there are laws and blocks of certain websites and such. go to youtube and search. i hope you get a giggle as i did, she is funny, and not eve ensler.
Period Monologues
Published on Apr 9, 2012

Kika Katchunga
Aug 28, 2019
Aug 28, 2019

What you say is true, my sister, we must teach girls to embrace femininity; it is their value; they can not be afraid; on the contrary, proud of it; is to thank God because it is where the life of a man comes from. Thank you for sharing

Sep 04, 2019
Sep 04, 2019

Hi Odion, thanks for sharing your experience.