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About Me

I am a 65 year old woman, I am a mother of two daughters and a son. To my delight, I am also a grandmother to two wonderful grandchildren. I love to be in nature and although I live in the city, I am close several parks and a lake. In the summer I work in my garden which has a wild collection of flowers and a small collection of vegetables. I have a good sense of humor and love to dance and do yoga.
My professional work has been in public health and mental health. My area of expertise in mental health is grief and loss. For the past ten years I have directed the Refugee Health Program at my state health department. I have been powerfully affected by this work. It has opened my eyes to learning about cultural differences as well as about human suffering.and human resilience. I've become aware of the horrors and strengths of governments and the power of people joining together to find strength and a voice together. I have mentored many people in my life and find much richness for both partners of the relationship. Gardening, hiking, baking, reading I am in transition in my career, nearing retirement, and want to redefine my vision of the future Psychologist, Coach, Refugee Health, Grief and Loss

My Vision

Involves nature, beauty, service, humor, music