Lets Stop Violence Against Girls and Women (Poem)

Ohis Samson Amu
Posted September 20, 2016 from Nigeria

You are always beating her,

Almost all the time, you are kicking her,

Punching her has now become your hobby,

You twist her arm because you believe she is a weaker vessel.

You are bent on seeing bodily harm on her body.

What kind of a demon possesses you?

Psychologically, you have destroy her beliefs with your words,

You are happy each time you disempowered her,

What kind of a man are you who undermine her mental and emotional well – being?

You ridicule her publicly,

Intimidate her and give her threats,

Please consider her love for you,

Compare the love she has for you and the embarrassment you give to her.

You have failed in your responsibility as a man,

Yet you forbid her to be employed,

This may force her to prostitution,

Yet, you do not care about this indecent act.

You allowed her maintain total control of family finances,

Your humiliation has now drained her emotionally.

Be a man, Oya go get your queen to forgive you.

Despite all you, have done to her,

You are not still contented,

You use her as a sexual object,

You refuse to stop there; you force her to watch indecent shows.

Sorry sir, but you are a disgrace to humanity.

Micheal Obed is currently a student of Government Secondary School and a participant with my organisation Empowering Women for Excellence Initiative's Know and Say No Gender Based Violence Campaign. He is a passionate writer who wants to become a lawyer and help fight against GBV

Michael Obed

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Janepher musombi
Sep 20, 2016
Sep 20, 2016

Please stop gender based violence!