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About Me

I am a Nurse Leader,and a go getter,Once am focused on issue I dont let it rest until it is done.

I love interacting with people from various culture.My purpose in Nursing is to the populations to believe and demand for quality healthcare.

I pursue to empower people in vulnerable populations to vote wisely for their leaders through volunteer led forums in civic education.

Right now my goal is to push for the issue of safe motherhood.No woman should die for a lack of proper maternal care.

I have written several articles in our local dailies highlighting the social issues

My reflections in health issues are my own views of a better world and not of my organisation/employer. Philanthropic work in advocacy for health People attitude towards the image of nursing in KENYA Advocacy and Lobbying,Nursing Leadership

My Vision

To invest in a Cervical Cancer Centre in my hometown.Kibera



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