Posted April 10, 2021 from Cameroon

 my journey with a 9 year stroke has kept me wondering  why more women get Strokes. I am not a health expert but falling I'll with  A left side Schesmic stroke at the tender age of 39 and seeing many other women older and younger than me suffering same fate have left me wondering  why more women suffer strokes as compared to men

Looking at my own situation and talking to other victims I found out the following

(1) that women don't take out time to relsx.from dawn they start getting busy with running the home.and even the working class women will rush between running the home and going to work. By the time they get back home in the evenning exhausted  they get to the routine of fixing dinner ,checking kids homework  and planning  for the next day whereas their working class husbands relax infront of the TV to watch the news and some Champion league football.

All these activities she is busy with accumulated to STress with time which results to High Blood pressure and Diabetese, favourable factors for STROKES.

(2) the Society especially  my African society endorses the excesses of Men. And once they feel pressure at home. They run outside to vent in Beer Palours or to Side Chics who help relieve their Stress and leave a 50 year old man feeling like a 20 year old.

(3) Most Women do not go to the hospital for routine checks. I talked to many who confessed that hospital check are for the rich and a sheer waste of money. Who on earth doesn't need maintenance?  Even after driving our cars for some times we take it to the mechanics for checking.the human body needs such treatments too. I remember on the fateful day of 28/1]/2012 when I had a Stroke. I was having a headache in the afternoon  I still managed to cook because I had to get food ready for my two little girls then  7 and 9 and for their dad. If I had rushed to the hospital instead  they could have arrested a problem that has deprived me of 9 years of my beautiful life.

(4)  I came to find out that many women do not excercise. In my journey  through stroke rehabilitation  I find so many men at the Gyms  doing workouts and trying to keep fit but very few ladies.

(5)  I have come to realise than most men eat healthier than women a man will decide to buy some healthy Roasted fish or chicken to eat and feel satisfied whereas madam will prefer to use that same amount of money to cook a huge pot of nonsense to satisfy the entire family anyways ladies i don't blame us on this it is in our define nature and responsibility to cater for our families.

WAY foward.

After listing all the above it is time to suggest some measures to fix us the women which is what i try to do in my NGO ARISE WOMEN 4 HEALTH

(1) ladies make sure you find time between your busy schedules to Rest. 30 mins of sleep during the day can zfix your health.

(2) include Hang Out with friends about ONCE a week.  To relax and talk. Laughter heals. Drink some Juice ,Water or anything and just talk and laugh like Shool Girls it cures Stress and reboots  your immune System

(3) Excercise. You don't necessary have to pay money in a gym. Walk about 3 days a week for 30 mins. You will feel relaxed and younger

(4) Eat.Healthy Meals Veggies and Fruits are not that expensive. Include about 3 servings in your daily meals and you will feel the difference.

Especially in all this dangerous Pandemic we need Healthy Women to make the Change we all need.

With love # in Sisterhood# lOVE US ALL.

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Apr 11
Apr 11

Wow! So inspiring. Welcome to World Pulse!! Super glad to have yet another innovative mind here. I like your zeal and wake-up call. Could you share your website address please? These salient truths are not only teachable in Cameroon, but globally as well. I totally agree that "...we need healthy women to make the Change we all need.'' Indeed, there are many motivational lines in your piece.

I sincerely sympathise with your health situation, but celebrate the change-maker in you, inspiring all to make lemonades from lemons. Keep writing and shining. We'll love to know more about Arise Women 4 Health, by reading more from you.

Hearty congratulations on your first post, my new sister from Cameroon. :)

Love and hugs,
E. J.


Thanks dear for reading and appreciating. Sisters like you with positive responses make me want to fight more. I will keep you updated with our website as soon as it is possible
# in sisterhood

Nini Mappo
Apr 11
Apr 11

Hello Evelyne,
I burst out laughing when I read "madam will prefer to use that same amount of money to cook a huge pot of nonsense". It's so true that we always feel like we're wasting resources whether time or money if these are not going back to our families. I like your advice about self care. Thank you for sharing your insights, for championing the health of women, and for rising above the challenges of ill-health to be a beacon of hope to women through your NGO and your powerful voice. I am sorry to hear that your quality of live has been affected by the stroke, and laud your creativity in the networks and platforms you have created to fight back. Good on you sister :)

And I hear you oooo....I am not going to cook a big pot of non-sense. ;)

Take care and stay sparkly.


Thanks Mimi you cause me to laugh at it myself. I didn't really take note of the humor in that sentence until now that you mention it. My kids tried to serve me with Bread and Tea this morning and I told them nope I AM DONE eating nonsense and they can't stop laughing sure women have to start making the change they want. My husky is older than me but acts like a fine young boy while I look like they dropped all the problems of Cameroon on my head. Thanks for your response sis it inspires me to write more
# in sisterhood#

Apr 11
Apr 11

Welcome to World Pulse Evelyne. Your story is your power!

Thanks for this warm advice. We women should really I mean really take care of our health. We had a lot of work to do. Sometimes we forgot to have "Me Time". and Yes we need healthy women to make change we all need! I agree to this!


Thanks sister for your affirmation I am warmly inspired by such positive responses. You just gave me a new word THE ME TIME