Posted April 12, 2021 from Cameroon

 I was 39 years when suddenly one evenning of the 28/11/2012 I tripped and fell down in my parlour and when my husband picked me up. He realised I couldn't stand nor sick. In the panicked he called a Dr friend who examined me and told us I had suffered a mild stroke and should be rushed to a specialist hospital.

Since it was late already we couldn't drive all the way to town amidst the crisis that had erupted in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon. We were forced to sleep and go to the hospital in the morning. When we got there the Internist and Neorologist Drs examined me and prescribed a CT SCAN. the scan revealed I had suffered an artery blockage on the left side of my head which needed to be opened with medications. I was put on hospitalisation and treatment was commenced.my husband did well to call my family and inform them.

My sisters arrived ASAP with some charms from a witch DR who me she had consulted and who had told her My husband was the one who wanted to kill me. And those potency of the charm will stop it.

LO and Behold with the shock this man had. The trauma of almost loosing his wife and mother of his kids. My sisters started a massive insult party to him at the hospital.

Worst of all when his colleagues(magistrates) about 20 of them all dressed in black suit  came into the ward to visit me. My drama queen of a sister embarrassed them all that they were CULT members who had come to finish her sister

Long story short. She applied for immediate discharge and though my husband  tried to resist the Dr and his friends advice him to let go. That is how I was dragged out of the hospital when I had not completed treatment and she started dragging me from one traditional DR to a

Mother where I was given all sorts of smelly concoctions to drink and Chicken blood smeared all over my body for protection.

My younger daughter was barely 8 and my sister went allow her hug me because she could have brought some charms from my husband zher DA. Crying became my daily medicine as I was refused to go back to my home and work as I spent a year of argonising moments with her.My Marriage suffered as my in laws too Stepped in to fill the gap I had left in their brothers house. They brought series of younger and more beautiful girls from his tribe to choose from( ah this inter tribe marriage is story for another day) thank GOD for a love he resisted all these offers though I believed his body got weak in one or two instances. and told them he could not abandon me especially on my sick bed.

Since the stroke had caused me Paralysis  on the left side my sister knew I couldn't run away from home even if I wanted to.  Though my husband tried to stay strong and act like my sisters Antics didn't get the better part of him. But I started noticing some coldness in certain aspects when I came back home. MY body after the STROKE was no longer the same. and our sexual life gradually faded good knees is that I recovered gradually though not fully after long years and we have been able to fix some cracks in our marriage.

It is time our African families are made to know that STROKE is a health Issue and should be handled in Medical facilities. There is no witchcraft to it. 


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Apr 12
Apr 12

Thank you for sharing. Stroke usually happens all in a sudden and has to do the medical treatment as soon as possible to reduce the damage to our body. Modern medical treatment really helps a lot.
Hope you recover soon! Stay Strong! May Almighty God bless you!


Thanks dear for reading