Posted April 14, 2021 from Cameroon

 when I was younger and we were told that Health is Wealth. It didn't really sink in my thick Scull. Not  until in 2012 when I became I'll with a left side Schesmic Stroke that left me paralyzed and incapacitated on the left side. Life became so dull and stressfull.

Prior to this health hazard I was a government employed Secondary school teacher with a comfortable salary to cater for my needs and that of my family. I also did side hustles that booted my bank account and enabled me to live a comfortable life style. Live,dress a good car and even afforded holiday trips abroad.

After the Stroke hit me. My life transcended  to another planet. It became that of Pains and Pills. My job  suffered and my businesses suffered too. I spent painful years draining  my account trying to get the best treatment  I could.

Though it has been a journey of 9 years of pains it has also thought me life long lessons

(1) that HEALTH is WEALTH and we must do all while we can to give top priority to our health. We should protect it better than our money

(2) thatWe should EAT FOOD AS MEDICINE else we will end up EATING MEDICINE  AS FOD.while we are younger no one cares about old age. But I have learnt if I ate the right things while young I could have avoided diseases like Diabetese and High blood pressure favourable factors for STROKE. I learnt this the hard way and in my little way now I try to conscientise women in church and my young girls in school. I now remember how my mum forced us to eat vegetables  but I hated it like crazy

(3)  STROKE HAS NO AGE LIMITS. when I was younger we used to call STROKE the OLD people Desease. The belief was so strong that even when I saw all the warning signs I neglected them until the worst happened.  Now I am an advocate of Stroke warning intervention using 


F.check Face dropping

ARM. arm weakness

SPEECH . Drawling

TiME.once all the above factors are present after someone collapses it is time to call for emergency. Rush the patient to the hospital. The situation might be arrested so that no physical harm occurs


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Regina Afanwi Young
Apr 14
Apr 14

Hello Noel, how are you doing? I am very sorry for all you have gone through. Am also proud of you that you are using your experience to educate other women.
You are right about " Health is Wealth" Yes dear early intervention is so important.
Hope you are safe dear.
Sending you strength and hugs


Thanks regina for reading and sending hugs I appreciate it it feels so warm sure I am trying to transform my mess into a message
I feel it is important for women to take care of themselves

Jill Langhus
Apr 16
Apr 16

Hello Noel,

Lovely to have you back. Glad that you're feeling better. XX


Thanks big sister for all the love and support you have shown to me during this period of time

Jill Langhus
Apr 17
Apr 17

You're very welcome, dear:-) XX