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About Me

We must continue to educate the underprivileged and the children in the slum should be given equal chances as those that have access to all the educational facilities.

By and by we must eradicate the chances of children left out on the streets or left to pick up trash.

I wish to see all humans treated with respect whatever caste or creed and every one be given equal opportunities to rise up with wings as eagles.

My Vision

My vision for the future is to see that every child has an access to education and every child has equal chances as compared to those that have all the educational facilities in order to boost their educational levels.

To provide homes for every homeless, for the aged, for the orphans.

To prevent drug trafficking and the youths from entering into these stages of drug addiction.

To have free counselling for every child at school level, college level, and intermediate college level.

To enhance education in every school as such that no child would need to take extra coaching classes. (we see even kindergarten children attending tuitions. Is that a trend?).

It is sheer shameful to see one's own school children having the need to attend extra coaching classes which indicates that the school teacher has not done his /her job satisfactorily.

To provide a variety of vocational courses offered and introduced even at the school level so that the child could be well equipped with the knowledge of his/her career for the future.

No drop outs should be permitted to "let go". In fact with the forseeing of such an incident should be given serious consideration.

It is such kids that we educationist make avenues for them to enter into addiction, desperation, to "give up" and to turn to substances that can make matters worse.

Every child on the globe be given equal opportunities to soar up high.

Wow! What a difference that would be!


Education Equality