Where Is Her Justice

olga khumlo
Posted August 13, 2016 from India

Where Is Her Justice

Our Jawans at the border seen;

Loyal vigilant and faithful been,

From dusk to dawn.

So lying down contented; they sigh!

Now peace, within our borders lie.

Hush! The stillness now pierced with a cry

Of a sweet child, her soft whimper.

The howling shriek of yet another,

'Twas from her darling mother.

Lewd and lunatic men, with no less measure

Craving for just a moment of pleasure;

Those sweet dreamy eyes,

Filled with confusion and pain,

Look up into the skies,

Crying in vain.

We have all been deaf;

So it seems, are others too!

No justice is meted out, to those two.

Such lunatics are still abounding,

Those lewd men and their devices;

Have enslaved these little lasses.

Where is their freedom?

They say we've won freedom;

Yet here they lie in fetters,

Lost their purity and chastity!

That doctor who ought to cure,

The brother who ought to secure

Healing and safety; yet brought their sister

Wreck, pain and utter disaster.

How can you now restore,

Of a maid's sole beauty:

Her purity and chastity!

How noble were the thoughts!

Of him, who wrote our pledge:

We quote it from a tiny tot,

To the youth, yet we forgot

That sweet girl - she was our sister,

You a brother and he a doctor;

Rent away her purity and chastity!

Justice must be rendered in the end,

Tho' millions did then read about it;

Turned aside other duties to attend.

A handful remained to weep and pray,

Lord when will these atrocities vanish away?

That brother and doctor did also read,

Did their heart swell or did it bleed?

Or stoop with shame,

To see their name

Written with those lunatics!

She should have been dressed in pink,

A little sparkle and a golden hue:

Yet there she stands now stained!

Those lunatics for pleasure did crave,

And committed a crime so grave.

How can we remain so calm,

After doing her such harm.

They're delving for more pleasure

They go for another; yet no measure

Of justice is meted out,

To a child in pain groping about!

O Country! How can you sit still?

O Humanity! Where's your oath and will?



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