I am proud to Age and Glow

Femi Joseph
Posted October 3, 2020 from Nigeria
Empowerment 2017
Empowerment 2017: Mission for the Needy (MFN) 2017 Reaching out to the needy (1/2)

So what if I have a few wrinkles my hair Is Greying and I have to move slower.

Now our Energy is more focused, and on a few significant undertakings, we are the FINE WINE 

The older we get, the more Mellow and Richer flavoured we become.

We celebrate our increased wisdom and our increased capacity to love life as we realized that we truly belong to this belong to Earth just as it belongs to us.

You are only as Old as you think you are

I am Femi Joseph a Reverend, Mother,Grandmother,Teacher , Writer.

I am the CEO/Founder of Mission for the Needy, we take care of Aged and old people,Widows, and Orphans

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Oct 04
Oct 04

Wow! I like the Aging and Glowing title. Old wine tastes sweeter as it becomes vintage. The wealth of experience of senior citizens are always a blessing. You are warmly welcome to the World Pulse sisterhood and congratulations on your first post. Age is in the mind. "You are only as old as you think you are." I love that.

Thank you for taking care of the vulnerable. It is blessing-filled and all your sisters are eager to support you in whatever way that is feasible.

We are eager to read more from you and get fresh updates about the impact of your group.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Nini Mappo
Oct 04
Oct 04

Dear Femi,
Welcome to World Pulse, and thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I totally agree with you, and I like to think of every year as an imprint of God's grace and goodness to sustain me, so then why would I complain about it? Why not celebrate.
Positive aging is a powerful message in our times, especially for women. Thank you for the encouragement and pointing us to a positive view of gaining in days .
It is lovely to meet you, and see your passion and love for the needy and vulnerable. The Lord will not forget your faithfulness in how you've served His people and continue to serve them.

May your cup always be filled to overflowing, so that you will always have something to give any who asks you.

Blessings of joy and safety as you go about your work :)

Adriana Greenblatt
Oct 04
Oct 04

Hello Femi and welcome to World Pulse! I absolutely love this: "Now our Energy is more focused, and on a few significant undertakings, we are the FINE WINE." The wisdom, the intention and power behind these words I can feel - the steps you take now are about quality and intention, more meaningful - rather than a checklist of quantity. This is a radical, amazing, wise, powerful act and your words are empowering to hear, keep on sharing Femi.

Hugs from Canada,

Oct 04
Oct 04

I wish you the best my sister as you age gracefully.
More wisdom

Femi Joseph
Oct 04
Oct 04

I appreciate and feel loved. For twenty three years l have been a professional writer with twenty one books published but l kept on having this passion to bless more lives through writing on a free platform. I'm so bless to be a family of world pulse. I love you all and l pray that the reason why we are enjoying good health is just to enable us to make impact through the giftings endowed on us. Love u all bye.