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About Me

Olutosin founded Star of Hope Transformation Centre and Tosin turns trash to treasure, after her training as one of the Voices of our Future Correspondents on World Pulse in 2011, but it was formally registered in 2013. With such an empowerment opportunity on Worldpulse , she knew that there is no going back in sacrificing whatever it takes to liberate women and children from the shackles of oppression, irrespective of race, creed, tongue or geographical area, as long as we are human beings. We work in four thematic areas, which are: Child Sexual Abuse, prevention, response and treatment, Gender Based Violence, Empowerment on Street Skills and the Centre operates both online and offline resources which provides valuable materials on the highlighted subjects. Olutosin believes in equality of women and men also that every adult in the community is responsible for the protection of children, therefore everyone must be empowered on prevention of violence, in all forms.

My Vision

A World without Violence.........


Partnership with women organization
Clients to buy my beautiful Treasures


I create beautiful treasure from scraps
Expertise in tie and dye, cooking bag making, reusable sanitary pads, clutch purses etc


Economic PowerEducation EqualityWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsWomen's HealthHuman Rights for WomenWomen in LeadershipWomen in Technology



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