End boko haram before it ends education

Posted May 16, 2014 from Nigeria

There is no gainsaying the fact that the ongoing #Bringbackourgirls campaign has brought the world together on a unified platform, with a strong voice to protect girls and Nigerians from the insurgence of the boko haram; the dreaded group of murderers that has emerged from the Northern part of Nigeria. Even as we mourn the lives of several people that have been lost to this menace, we should also realize that, it is sad that we have waited for too long to cry out for help in a world where help is always near.

If we are bold enough to raise our voices to scream; we will save our souls. Never again shall we suffer for so long before we raise our voices for help; although it is better late than never.

What is quite interesting in our cry for help in the past month is the genuine and immediate response from the global community. This made me to continuously and secretly wonder; why have we waited and suffered in silence for too long before we woke up from our slumber?.

The positive support from the global community shows that there is no line of divide amongst humanity, if it ever existed; it’s the fragment of our imagination, or from few ungodly beings roaming the world. Humanity is one.

Consequently, I have resolved within me that that the collective connected voices of women will transform our world. If our voices are made stronger by unityour of purpose and genuine commitment to transformation; we will achieve whatever we planned to achieve.

It is amazing that a scream of bring back our girls all over the world; we have successfully shattered the plans of this group of miscreants who have held a siege against Nigerians for so long.

Boko haram has reached its waterloo when its group thinks that abducting our girls will send fears into our spine. Nay, on the contrary, it has helped us to send out a stronger message of “don’t mess with girls anymore, anywhere in the world” to Boko haram and its like. Gone are the days when any group can rally round girls and shatter their dreams.

The abduction of the 276 Nigerian girls has united the world, this unity has made us stronger and better, we now, and we have become more resolute to #EndBokoHaraminNigeria #

By the way, what is Boko Haram? Who cares anymore? Nobody cares about its meaning anymore, it has overstayed its relevance and watered down its fear and grip on our wrists! Yes, It has lost its relevance, its goals, and it has become a toothless dog that is fleeing deeper into the forest where it belongs.

It is only in the forest that animals do not go to school, as suggested to Nigeria by boko haramites. This blood sucking vipers, tagged Boko haram will sink deeper into the thick forest if it continually wage a war against Western education because education is the savior of mankind from the ignorance and backwardness.

Boko haram can no longer send jittery into our system anymore, its husband has arrived, we have received enough support from the developing world, from countries that cannot be bribed or bought over by money; which happens to be the language of corrupt officials in Nigeria.

To shine more light on their living in darkness; boko haram is a group of disgruntled, jobless and unemployable young men from Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Sudan, Nigeriens and Central African republic. This group has nothing to do with religion, it is an ideology that is deeply rooted in religious bigotry, extremism and a belief called “born to rule the way I like". Secretly, it also involved, on a large scale, religious ‘caste’ in Northern Nigeria.

It is notable to point out that for a perfect solution to any problem, the root causes must be traced and a solution jointly profeerrerd and pursued. Boko Haram is not a group of some bunch of totally ignoranmus. NO! Boko Haram is a group that was formed by some influential and wealthy Nigerians from the Northern part of Nigeria.

The major aim of their founding fathers is to discourage the poor amongst them from being educated. This is to keep the poor in perpetual slavery, so that these poor ones will remain backward forever, and this is supported by the erroneous Almajiri belief; these set of young Northerners depend on alms and begging. With that, the selfish leaders will be able to entrench their oligarchic and generational rule in Northern Nigeria and consequently in Nigeria as a whole.

In addition, these Northern oligarchic wanted to implant fear into Nigerians and create constant chaos and political rulers from the only Northern part in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the young men that are being used as instrument of oppression and terror on women and children are those jobless men who are desperate to become rich through any means.

These young men have been brainwashed by their so called faceless sponsors who are equally fighting hard to end secular education, that could have being a shining light that will illuminate their path to the ladder that leads to their greatness. It is only through secular education that the children of the poor can rise and share a table with the "born to rule".

The world should not be deceived by the religious camouflage of Boko Haram , their fight is basically about power, rule, resource control; especially Nigeria' oil, which is not found in Northern Nigeria.

The selfishness of these unidentified Northern leaders has caused intold havoc and hardship on the common Nigerian, even the leadership of Nigeria is afraid to point out these leaders who have formed an untouchable cabal in Northern Nigeria.

It is depressing that those young men who are being used have remained ignorant, uneducated and miscreants whereas their educated and influential sponsors are moving about their “daily interests” without questioning and investigation because they are above the law. In Nigeria, do not forget that the law is made for the poor people and those who cannot pay the price tag of breaking the law.

It has been easy for the wealthy boko Haram leaders to recruit the poor young men because of the high level of poverty amongst the lower class in Nigeria. Consequently, so many jobless Northern Nigerians and neighboring Islamic countries are easily grafted into this unholy war against Nigerian children, women and men.

That Boko haram started its reign of terror more than TWO decades ago is not interesting anymore, that Boko Haram is a group that is majorly funded by some Nigerian leaders is now a stale news, that Boko Haram is well equipped with sophisticated weapons and Nigeria authority has not been able to investigate and make any arrest as regards the brain behind this group, is a known fact and that the secret behind their sophisticated weapons, purchase and importation of bomb, military uniforms, weapons of war and how their funds is being disbursed in and outside Nigeria are no longer of any major concern to the ordinary citizenry. The major concern of an ordinary law abiding citizen is #EndBokoHaraminNigeria#

It may be a news to just few people that boko haram’s major goal is ending conventional education in the Northern part of Nigeria; an area that is battling with school dropouts. Forty per cent of Nigerian children aged 6-11 do not attend any primary school with the Northern region recording the lowest school attendance rate in the country, particularly for girls.

Despite a significant increase in net enrollment rates in recent years, it is estimated that about 4.7 million children of primary school age are still not in school. Book haram has repeatedly attacked schools in Northern Nigeria and this has increased the rate of school drop out especially among girls.

It will be worthy of note that several schools in three States in Northern Nigeria have been under lock and key because boko haram has burnt several schools, killed several school children in during school hour, disrupting the plans of progressive institutions that are supporting girls’ education and ending violence against women in Nigeria.

The government of Nigeria cannot confront and put an end to this menace due to the fact that the brain behind boko haram are influential Nigerians and may also be the brain behind the government too. Boko Haram; a name that leaves sour taste in the tongue has become a name that is synonymous with violence against women, weeping, gnashing of teeth and above all; it is the breeze that has blown the feathers that covered the secret of a clueless regime in Nigeria.

Boko Haram has truly shown the true color of Nigerian leadership. It is irresponsive to its citizenry. The present picture on ground shows that the government of Nigeria cannot put an end to this reign of terror, Nigerians have realized this because on several occasions, after each boko haram attack or bombing, the leadership of Nigeria will come on air to address the nation, promising the that they are on top of the situation, after which a bunch of miscreants are arrested, paraded and nobody knows what happens afterward, then it becomes business as usual.

On February 25, this year also, boko haram went into a school, burnt it down and 43 school children were killed while sleeping in their hostel, in the same vein, several times, people are bombed, and victims buried. It became business ‘unusual’ after the abduction of the 276 girls, because Nigerians were tired of the fruitless promises of on top of the situation and nothing to show for it, thank God for the internet, social activists began to scream and the world heard us, came to our rescue and soldiers and equipment were sent to rescue our girls.

These 276 girls from Chibok in Northern Nigeria suddenly became sisters, nieces, daughters to women in Australia, New Zealand, China, Nepal, Kenya and every country in the world stood by Nigerian women to demand the return of the girls alive!

Our World Pulse sisters rallied round us as usual, it began connecting our voices to other voices on ground everywhere, and once again, I am using this medium to make a clarion call to the world leaders to come together and uproot boko haram from our World.

Boko haram has ‘killed sleep’, it will never know sleep again, they have visited children in their sleep and burnt them to ashes, therefore, sleep shall exclude boko haram, they have visited villages and set on fire women that are suckling children, boko haram shall sleep no more.

Deep within many of us, we are sad and at the same time, afraid, we are not afraid of boko haram but we are afraid of their sponsors, because their sponsors are a major part of us too, they are leaders too, highly respected amongst the people but their hands are full of blood. Their hands are full of the blood of innocent children, the blood of women and men, old and young.

We do not just want our girls back, alive and well, we also want an end to boko haram insurgency in Nigeria. I believe that the sponsors of boko haram cannot buy the conscience and brainwash the whole world, they cannot buy our global sisterhood, let us raise our voices until this menace is put into extinct in Nigeria. We cannot continually live under siege, schools in Northern Nigeria cannot continue to be under key and lock, scaring girls from school is sending us back to the stone age.

Therefore, let us sustain the momentum #EndbokoharaminNigeria# that is when there would be peace, that is when the world will achieve its aim of bringing sustainable development to the developing world and that is when Nigerian women will sleep with both eyes closed, no longer afraid of boko haram’s war on women and gender based violence ideology that is being propagated by some faceless leaders and equally our men will move about safely and our girls can go back to school. Lastly, to find lasting peace, final end to boko haram and progress in Nigeria, the sponsors of boko haram should be investigated, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced accordingly.

The whole world is watching Nigeria and we are indebted to those who have stood by us at this trying moment, we cannot fail the world by handling their arrest in a shoddy manner, the poor boko haram members who are lynched daily are not the ones responsible for the purchase of the sophisticated weapon of war being used against innocent Nigerians, the world should ask and find answer to the question of “who is the brain behind boko haram insurrection in Nigeria?”

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Anne Marie Seery
May 17, 2014
May 17, 2014

Dear Olutosin, thankyou for clarifying the rise of Boko Haram and explaining to those of us with limited knowledge on the topic. You raise many good points, specifically the importance of spreading information as to the rise of the insurgents and who the leaders are. It has been too easy in the past for the vulnerable within a community to be transported into the ideology of leaders who exploit the vulnerable for their own aims. You raise the importance of educating young men so they are not entrapped as slaves to do the bidding of such evil leaders who are hell bent on abusing their communities. You also raise the importance of uniting women on a global level to scream together to save the future generations, rather than to suffer in silence why young men are drawn into debilitating lifestyles and then used by leaders to reign terror. You raise the importance that by eradicating Boko Haram, we are not only 'saving our girls', but saving our young men too. I use the term "our' here because I believe it is time we stop isolating ourselves within our individual countries and we must continue the momentum to realise "we" are a global family. I'm so very grateful to you and Barbara who initially alerted me to the issues of Boko Haram in Nigeria, as many people have explained to me there isn't much mentioned in mainstream media in the west. It is imperative, I think, to continue gleaning information from journalists like you in order to scream these messages to our global family. I think too, that it brings empowerment to the families in Nigeria when they are aware that they will be supported on a global level to bring about change in their communities, and to restore a balance of power to the people. Thankyou for being a loud voice of the people and for the people. Much love, sister xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #EndbokoharaminNigeria#

May 18, 2014
May 18, 2014

I am full of appreciation to you for your ever ready support to the globe. You are good, you work round the clock to share information about the Voiceless and the vulnerables all over the world.

Inasmuch as we are not trained to carry armunition to defend the defenceless, we will continue to cream to the world. We will raise our voices from the various corners of this world to end insurgences and violence.

Thanks again; we will get there, peace is possible and this peaceful revolution will not be televised!!!!!!!! We will make change happen.

Jun 08, 2014
Jun 08, 2014

Thank you for sharing all of your posts about the circumstances of the bring back our girls campaign. It was wonderfully written!

Jun 08, 2014
Jun 08, 2014

I appreciate your taking out some time to read the post. Thanks a lot.

K-lee Starland
Jun 25, 2014
Jun 25, 2014

So be it and so it is! love to you my most wonderful Nigerian daughter!

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