Posted June 1, 2016 from Nigeria
Red means Alert Black means death White and yellow means Peace but work in progress

Ending violence against women is my calling. It is my name. It is my logo. It is my brand. To me; ending violence against women is spiritual. It is my religion and it is the air that I breathe in, it is the emblem that I carry inside my heart. Ending violence against women has become a way of life to me, it is the right thing to do; for every living being.

Why do I feel so strong about ending violence against women? It is because I once accepted it as a way of life, I have experienced it, I have lived it, I have walked in that way, I have seen it, I have studied it and I can now smell it from afar. I have seen it happened to my love ones and I have seen the effect on the lives of the women that I hold so close to my heart. I have watched a sister go into degeneration because of domestic violence, I have seen a woman coiled into a shell permanently because of rape and I have watched a woman deformed by violence. I have seen violence against woman become a canker work that is eating into the brains of my sister and I have watched a sister fled to Kotangora, Northern Nigeria, from Ibasa riverine area in Lagos, Western Nigeria last month, I have seen her weeping hot tears as she left the life she knew behind in order o save her own life. I saw her, I hid her and I could feel the pain as I released her into the unknown world in Kotangora-Northern Nigeria.

I have carried a child that was raised in violence and just last week, I rejected another woman with her five daughters because I could not carry the burden, I wept as I screamed, I am going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a better opportunity, I have been able to see the deep seated stench in the hidden hearts of women as the world continues to pain a global story of development in some countries, I have interviewed women who are trying to save their faces in a country that frowns at reporting violence because ‘we must paint a better picture of our developed country’ I have seen the deep pan of not being able to speak openly about secret pains in developed country.

I have watched the agonizing pain of women in remote areas as they battle with what the culture says and what the Pastors say; but had to celebrate their men as gods in order to conform with what the society wants. I have seen women’s mouth being padlocked by the religion imposed on all. I have seen how women bear this pain in silence. I know, walk, work, discuss and befriend women who are being treated as trash and as a survival, I have created a new way of looking at trash in order to make something out of it. Slowly, and slowly, more trash has become treasure in my hands.

That is why I decided to swim deeper into the ocean, to forget what the world would feel and say, to abandon what my pastors say and to plunge deeper into the ocean of love for the innocent and unborn generations of women who are likely to continue the suffering if we remain silent.

I have stopped being carried away with how the patriarchal world would feel as my inner thought is filled with what they unborn generation of girls would say about our generation if we are scared to say the truth; our truth about violence against the female gender.

My sleeplessness nights of pregnancy has just being delivered of a baby to the world. The name of the child is World map of Violence against women. Let us welcome her into the world. A world where she can thrive, a world where she can blossom, a world without pain and a world of equality. A world where giving birth to a girl-child is a pride and deep joy for all women.


In order to identify each country's level of violence against women, I have decided to work with various colors on the map. Color red means red alert, the blood of our sisters are in your hands. Star on read signifies that our dead sisters have become stars in the sky, watching us as we defend their deaths.

Black means death in the land. our sisters were raped to death in that country, our sisters body became the battle ground where those men fought their selfish wars. It means that our sisters were raped to death while others who survived live in the body of death' dead souls, mind and spirit in a living carcass.

Blue and born means the country is fighting genuinely to end violence against women, not just mouth-say but real action

Chocolate color means sugar coated countries that are hiding the statistics of violence against women

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