Season Ten; Part Love

Posted November 14, 2016 from Nigeria
To America with Love

Once upon a timein my country, Nigeria, there was a ruler who wasnot nice to all. He was an embodiment of what nobody wanted but his reign was forced upon us and dumped upon our shoulders by the power that be in those days.

He was dreaded by many and not revered by all. He was fear personified.

He was powerful but not popular, he was the chief and commander in chief of all. His words were law, all law were set aside when he spoke. The disappearance of many activists were not unlinked to his men, those who could not remain silent went on self exile and manywriters and musicianswere paid to praise.

In all these and more, there were some outliers. They remained undaunted in the face of oppression. They fought with their might and they won gallantly in the end because as my sisters and brothers in Northern Nigeria would say; Seriki goma; Zamani goma, Oba mewa Igba mewa, Ten Queen/kings; Ten seasons.

The world is not as straight as the rod of a gun.

Just as expected, the world was watching, women and men in Nigeria were doing. They were doing things that would last long, they were taking steps that would change humanity forever, they were emulating women and men who fought and won oppressive regimes in various parts of the world, because, the regime would end but it will not end with humanity, the regime would end but it will not end withthe relationship with our fellow human beings, the regime would end but it will not end with human race, identity and pride, because Seriki goma; zamani goma.

The reign of the fearful one laid the solid foundation of socialwork in Nigeria, it began the movement of women and men who refused to remain silent in the regime of a fearful leader. It brought about theresistance of young mind and elderly people who said enough!

Never again shall Nigerian remain silent in the face of a leader that disrespects anyone in Nigeria. The leader might disrespect but the people shall speak with one voice.

So, we, the people began to educate, agitate and organise asthe man I respect most in Indiainstructed. The people began to stand for others against all odds. There were midnight meetings and terrifying moments but never a moment without -theunited progressive Nigerians. No matter how slow to react, weak, shakyor low the sound of our voices, we never stopped to use the voice, whenever it was necessary. We,the people would respond. We resisted and we said No to every oppressive action, word or reaction to any weak orvoiceless Nigerian.

That leader amassed so much wealth that his third generation would live on his ill -gotten wealth but his name became synonymous with oppression and hatred. In the end, he was wrapped in some sheets when he slept peacefully in his hotel room.

He left the world with nothing. The irony of life.

Today, in thedead of the night Nigerian time, I began to look at the situation in America, after the election ofMr.Trump, I read about the hate speech, action and reaction thatwere permeated by the people,after the announcement of his victory and I remembered, once upon a time in the history of Nigeria whenone mancame topower. Although it was tough, but the people united in love.My people refused to join in negativity but held hands together to begin a movement that came to live forever, a movement that changed lives, a movement that saved lives, a Movement of Love that can never be uprooted in the sand of Nigeria. Never.

Because it became a movement that birth, nurture and built strong civil society.

Nigerians are used to election promises that will never see the light of day, so also many of Mr. Trump's hatred speeches will never see the light of the day too. But in the time of oppression, the man dies in all who keeps silent-

To my sisters and brothers who are free. I believe that you arewhite and fairin the United States, this is the time to become the embodiment of whatyour nationstands for; a land of free speech and freedom. This is the time to stand for what you believe and what those who fought and won your freedom for you stood for. This is the time to speak for the oppressed and the voiceless amongst you, there is no time that is better than NOW to do what is just, right and proper when it is right and proper to do.

America is not the land of free hate speech.

United Americans, thisis the time to stand together and hold hands together. This is the time to wait and watch and ensure that that immigrant feels safe before you move on, it is that time to hold hands or place your hand on the shoulder of the third gender, who you could see the rigorous pumping of his chest,this is the time to tap into yourinner feelings always, if you feel that something is wrong in that alley/corner, definitely something is wrong, wait a bit, then,blow your whistle of love.Do not forget the rule of life jacket in the plane. Wear your jacket, stand at a safe distance outside the plane then blow air into the life jacket. Never forget that safe distance.

This is the time to save the lady from indecent groping. Stand with her at that moment.

This is not the time to throw in the towel, it is that time when you know the exact time toflash your smile and display -that- your PIN that can reduce heart pump pressure /hypertensionin that dark corner.This is the time to create a new lens to discover what ordinary people will not discover. This is the time to speak with your eyes, nose and mouth all at the same time, this is the time to protect all withALL within your power.

This is the time to stand firm on what has continually hold the world together- Love.

There would be times when keeping silent would not be an option, Yes, we were taught about how golden silence is, but in the face of oppression, silence in never an option. Speaking out is golden in the new America. Human chain will save more lives than golden chain the coming years. Human chain will save generations instead of chaining lives and destinies in prisons very soon. Impartation of souls will make positive difference instead of deportation of illegal migrants.

American sisters and brothers, come together to make resounding impacts in the lives of your voiceless ones. There is a local adage that says, thewater that is meant for you will not flow into a gutter, nobody can steal your jobs, what is yours will eventually be yours. We must not forget our universal laws too. This was what your activists of the golden period stoodand sacrificed their lives for, right on the on that altar of humanity, Nobody is a lesser being, weonly have lesser opportunities than you have in your country.

But in togetherness, the world can become the best place for humanity.

The new morning in America has become a wake up call for the whole world, a call for the rest of the world to work together and unite against what will bring the world back to the early days of humanity. As the world forge ahead to become a better place for all, May America too wake up to usher in Love for all, May America become great again in kindness and love.

This is not a call to fear, No, the world has known enough fear of danger and death, this is a call to kindness, a call to renewal of faith in humanity, a call to serve the defenceless, a call for a just and egalitarian America.

The world stands with you in love as you grope to stand in kindness once again. Let love rule again in America. Make America great again; but only in love and togetherness.

America love that has no Part 2.

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Nov 18, 2016
Nov 18, 2016

Dear Olutosin,

I am new to the World Pulse community and I felt called here after the results of the U.S. election.  I wasn't expecting to read so many stories and uplifting words from sisters and friends around the world.  What a gift your words are! Thank you for taking the time to share your story of a leader, "fear personified."   These are powerful reminders of what can be accomplished when people are united together in love.  Your words fill me with hope for the best in humanity.   Thank you, thank you!


Nov 18, 2016
Nov 18, 2016

You are welcome my kind sister. Together we can make our world a better place and America also, is a shining example of kindness for the developing world. You are aleays ready to love, donate to support too, especially during emergency. America is the examplr given in the Bible.......let love reign again