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Posted September 25, 2020 from Nigeria
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The vulnerability of indigent women and girls was exposed during the Covid 19 lockdown in Nigeria.  Women in.rural areas were extremely affected.  It gave me a huge concern that later resulted in sickness. 



I vowed immediately to intensify more efforts in my personal determination to support more women. No matter how hard I work, I am not able to personally support lots of women because the economy situation of Nigeria is gloomy.



So I started a program called Goat Escape in Nigeria.  The full title is using goats to escape from poverty. 



I am blessed with some animals.  They are mostly gifts from my online friends and I have bought some with my money. Goats are the cheapest domestic animals to raise. Less diseases and enduring. 


I drew a plan to gift for goats to women who live below half of a dollar per day. We visited four women already and presently working with the Association of women living with disabilities in my home state. 


Women will be gifted goats to rear and they will intirn give the calves to other women in their village after twelve calendar months.


Sharing the plan brought tears to our eyes. 


If the we all live to improve the on our world, how happy will the world be.


Last Sunday, I gave out the first set of goats. First Sunday of October, I will also give out another set of goats to another woman.


We can enrich the world by enriching more families. 



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Nini Mappo
Sep 26
Sep 26

Dear Olutosin,
I have been reding your animal series, and I'm 'jazzed' at how much opportunity you create against the obstacles you come across. your initiative is similar to something we participate in once a year, in SE Asian countries. You can have a look-sie here since you are like minded.. you might find something that is translatable into your context.
Thank you for inviting us into your work with smiles:)

Sep 26
Sep 26

I appreciate you a lot. When I move to Owo where I have acres of land... I will definitely consider some of those ideas. Remain blessed.
Thank you for the beautiful work you are doing well.

Sep 26
Sep 26

Wow! I love this Goat Escape concept, Sis. I didn't know that the gestation period for goats was even short. Great impact with continuity entwined in it.

Good job, Sis. Thank you. Indeed, "we can enrich the world by enriching more families." :)

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Sep 26
Sep 26

Thanks a lot my darling sister for reading and commenting. Yes, goats have shorter gestation periods amongst those ruminants animals.

J Brenda Lanyero
Sep 29
Sep 29

This is really a great plan. It will surely work out. God bless your effort as well as those who give a helping hand.
Will consider this plan in the future <3

Hello, Sis Olutosin,

I'm simply amazed at how in-tune you are to God's direction when it comes to helping women in your community. Giving away goats to help them sustain a living is a wise decision. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story with us.