Poverty is in phases

Posted September 25, 2020 from Nigeria

Chosen beneficiaries of our Goats is a herculean tasks.  This is because there are many women in need of goats. 

A mature and heavy goat in Lagos Nigeria costs up to One hundred USA dollars. If it is the Northern Nigeria goats, heavily built, then its up to 200 USD. Thats how expensive goats are in Lagos. 

My belief is that if a woman is blessed with five or four goats, in the next twenty four months, she would have more than twelve goats because goats gestation periods is just Five months.


Many goats get pregnant between three to four months after delivery.  Therefore, considering the fact that I give out a male goats and three or four female goats to a woman, my hope is that within two years, if such a woman is ready to escape from poverty, she is definitely on her way, walking briskly out of excruciating poverty. 


Imagine my joy at this initiative.  And the greatest disaster in my mind when the second recipient refused the goats. 

The second recipient of Goat Escape refused to accept our goats because of fear of robbers. She is the only woman living in a whole community in a village called Odan. 


Her story was so touching that I has to suspend the next two recipients just to accommodate her, all hope shattered when she painted the horror story of thievery in her community. 



She informed me that if she brought out her pots and pans to wash and forgets anything outside, it would be stolen before she returned. 


So she can not guarantee the safety of six free goats. 


I was depressed and I posted it on Facebook.  A friend was interested and she suggested building a goat house.  She laughef and said that robbers are attracted by what they see because she lives alone in the Bush. Robbers can knock her door and force her to open her goat house.



The only solution is a fence that will help her to keep the goats secret inside her compound. 



Poverty has different phases. Poor people are left with less opportunity for greatness except if someone has resolved to intervene at all cost.


This brought me to my personal history.  If I were to look at the end, conditions and my personal resources, by now I will still be sitting comfortably by the road side selling used articles. 


Whenever we are ready to fly, and we are miraculously positioned on the wings of an Eagle, it will be easier to smilingly share the story of how beautifully it is to fly on the wings of an Eagle. 


On the other way round, if a tortoise is placed on the ground and encouraged to find a flying Eagle to perch upon, definitely, the tortoise will die with its head raised unto the sky, looking  out for an Eagle that will come down, and another helper, that will carefully place it on the wings of the Eagle.


The tortoise may be willing to perch and fly, but it will die while flying, if a tortoise drops from the back of a flying Eagle, great shall be the floor.


Poverty is not just a mindset. There are many mitigating factors pushing indigent women down.the ladder of success. 

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Sep 26
Sep 26

Hi Sis,
Really? Insecurity worsened by abject poverty? What a shame. Such a viscous circle. I now imagine how complicated these issues can be reading your post. Indeed, we should be more empathetic as like you rightly concluded, "poverty is not just a mindset. There are many mitigating factors pushing indigent women down the ladder of success."

Thank you for the insights.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Sep 26
Sep 26

Oh Yes. Its even better that its robbers that one can at least adjust. In many communities, fulani Herdman and boko haram terrorists will drive people away from their homes and they lose all their farms and animals. Yet there is no ongoing war in these areas.

Poverty has various phases not just a mindset.

Nini Mappo
Sep 26
Sep 26

I feel sad for that woman turning away help when it is at hand, and when she needs it, because of her location and insecurity. Indeed, insecurity is s form of poverty. I wonder whether a partnership could see someone raise the goats for her. Good on you for all you do. Your vision is brilliant :)

Sep 26
Sep 26

I felt sad too. Whenever she is ready in the future,.I Will definitely consider her for five free goats.

J Brenda Lanyero
Sep 29
Sep 29

I like, Poverty is not just a mindset". It is true...you inspire me with your stories.

Thank you for sharing the stories of these women.

Beth Lacey
Oct 02
Oct 02

Olutosin, you do so much o help so many people. You are an angel sent by God to them

Oct 02
Oct 02

My Lovely sister, can you now imagine how things would be without your support!
Its because of the support that I have been able to help thousands of women.
During the lockdown, I was able to help thousands of women and children because of the support from all of you.
After the pandemic I made up my mind to do more because of what women faced during the pandemic.
Thank you for always walking by my side.