Calves to treasure

Posted September 25, 2020 from Nigeria
My Colleen from my sister.
Michelle and Michaela
Michelle and Michaela (1/3)

There is hardly anyone on earth who make plans without resources like I do.

I will not easily forget when I was sharing one of my dreams with my partner and he said, you are the only poor woman who plans to help poor women to succeed when you are not successful or with any resources to implement it.

My reply has always been a silent smile.


The awesome thing is that the plan always come to pass . I can cite ten different plans that became a ground breaking success without a dime. 


My life is a confirmation of the fact that God works and rules in the affairs of women. God works while I wait peacefully for genuine implement. 


Because God works, I continue to plan and act daily. 


These days, my thinking drifts daily to heifers. 


You are smiling. 

I am not surprised. 


I am smiling too.


Because it seems impossible.  How can a poor woman plans to give out calves to poor women? 

I have no answer to that but I believe that it is possible. 


Who knows, may be my next article about cows will be Heifers to Treasure.  I can feel the vibration.  I can see the wide smiles. I can see the tears of joy as I hand over heifers as gifts to indigent women. 



If we can conceive it, we will achieve it. Whenever we work with women, God Almighty rises from his throne to support such dreams.

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Sep 26
Sep 26

"If we can conceive it, we will achieve it. Whenever we work with women, God Almighty rises from his throne to support such dreams." I love this line, Sis. So powerful! Thank you for the encouragement and thank you for all you do.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Sep 26
Sep 26

You are welcome.
I appreciate you.

Nini Mappo
Sep 26
Sep 26

Aww those photos take me HOME! I'm so happy to see the animals, and I'm sure the women receiving these life-giving gifts are even happier. Thank you for this awesome motivational testimony of God's goodness, a just God who presides over the affairs of women, with abundance and favour from unexpected places!

Sep 26
Sep 26

I am grateful to you for your interest. I Love Animals a lot. They are like my family too. God is wonderful. He makes everything beautiful at his own time.

J Brenda Lanyero
Sep 29
Sep 29

You are amazing. May God continue to bless your heart to bless more women.

Wow, from goats to cows. You remind me of Joseph in the Bible, sis. While you the land was in "plenty", you grow your animals, now when COVID came, and you are ready to bless them with your blessings. Keep it up, dear sis.

I love how you said, "Because God works, I continue to plan and act daily." He has truly found a partner in you. Thank you for inspiring us with your story!