Women supporting women

Posted September 30, 2020 from Nigeria

My late mother was always in support of the wives in our family.  She would stand up for them, support them and helped with their children. 

She loves equality and justice.  Maami was uneducated but a game changer. She was a Feminist unknowingly. 

She planted it in me. I cant just stand injustice to women and girls.  

Because, I was always watching her and wondering why she was always at loggerheads with anyone who treated women unjustly. 

I will continue to point at the ugly treatment mete at women while seeking ways to help them  stand and speak,  even if their voices are shaking like a vibrating cymbal. 

Gender equality should not be a bone to contend with, it should be natural. 

Inequality is unrealistic. Unholy. Unwelcome. In 2020.

Blessed you, educated you, Influential you, exposed you, intelligent you, Internet  savvy.... as in Lucky you................who has all the opportunity.......nowadays.. How are you changing the game at your end?

If we don't change it, it will not change!.

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Sep 30
Sep 30

'If we don't change it, it will not change'
Gbamsolutely Sis Mi.
Maami and all the women like her who stood up for injustice despite their limitations to resources, were the trail blazers of all the amazing women today making a difference because like you said, we watched them then and see how to incorporate what they stood for in the now.

Much love sis and keep on impacting.

Sep 30
Sep 30

Sister mi nothing go change if we nor change am oooo.

Nini Mappo
Sep 30
Sep 30

Wow, Olutosin,
Your concluding remarks just categorized women 'enjoying' gender equality or even access to education as blessed and lucky. Which is how most marginalised women and girls view their educated counterparts, which should not be. This is an eye-opening statement. Thank you for sharing, and powering us up!

Beth Lacey
Oct 07
Oct 07

Your mother sounds like an amazing woman- of course she is- she made you!