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Posted September 30, 2020 from Nigeria

Yesterday they were watching a Yoruba movie and I was sitting.... lost in thought....suddenly I heard a man talking to his heavily pregnant wife... .....I know where pregnant women are caned or thrashed or beaten.....its on the legs...I will beat sense into your skull...

I was afraid that such barbaric, outdated, dejected, archaic, forbidden and scary...(With due respect to The Lion.and the Jewel novel) saying or teaching is allowed to be passed to the new generation through this medium.


The only set of humans that I continually revere are pregnant women. 

I dread pregnancy. 

Nobody could convince, conjure, conive with, control, convict, confuse or conned me into loving pregnancy... 

I live in awe of women who made pregnancy into a in churning out babies as if they were taken from the shelves of IKEA shops!

Ee tii je? Why now  I just don't like it. I am afraid of that state of health!!!

Now imagine beating a pregnant.

As I write, a pregnant woman is being beaten or boxed up in a corner weeping......

Pregnancy is not a child play. If not for the sake of the woman's health, what about the unknown deity inside her tummy.

Please revere pregnancy. 


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Nini Mappo
Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020

What? Don't these films get reviewed by a film classification board before released for human consumption? beating any woman, pregnant or not is should not be televised at all. I hope someone was sleeping on their job. It's a shame that such a story line began in a person's mind:/

I'm with you about that pregnancy business though. I'm village bred-raised to be tough. But pregnancy for me is a terrible terrible time that gives me nightmares whenever I remember. But for the grace of God, I'd have one child. But I've worked with children from single child families extensively and believed that siblings are a good educational platform, and was determined to grow beyond one...still, I prayed for an induced coma while be woken up when the baby was ready to come out haha.
My kids owe me big time!

Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020

My sister, if I could pick babies from shelves.... I won't mind a dozen.....

No one censors those long as it is not Porn or politically motivated.

Beth Lacey
Oct 19, 2020
Oct 19, 2020

Thank you, as always, Olutosin

Oct 28, 2020
Oct 28, 2020

Eh ehe eh you are welcome.
Thank you for helping me always.