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Posted October 10, 2020 from Nigeria
Bose leading Ibasa girls
School fees 2017
School fees 2017 (1/6)

She was introduced to me by my immediate  elder sister about 7 years ago. She was shy, quiet and preferred to be alone. I knew that she needed a friend,  and I decided to move closer to her from that day on.

Her name is Abosede Mary Ajiboye. She lost her mother seven years before I met her and furthering her education was too heavy on her mind, because she is one among Ten children of same father. 

She is from Kwara state in Nigeria,  but lives around ibasa riverside. 

Abosede was so shy that she shed tears easily and just to give an answer to any  normal question made her shed tears. I noted this habit and I was determined to help her work on it.

So I promised to support her education by introducing her to Sister Funmi Iyanda. We choose a date and I took her to meet her, sister Funmi Iyanda supports orphans. She agreed to fund Abosede's secondary School leaving West African Examination certificate and a six months computer training program. 

She passed her WAEC exams and after a short while, her   father died too, after a protracted illness. 

So we began to search for another scholarship programme to support her tertiary education.  A Non governmental organisation paid her school fees while we supported her feeding. 

She studied Quantity Surveying in Kwara Polytechnic.  She graduated after two years and we continued to support her through the mandatory internship by paying her monthly salary to cater for her personal needs including feeding. 

After the internship year, I was able to meet my friend in Portland,  discussed Abosede's education with her and she promised to support her through her Higher National Diploma programme. My friend,   Tahra Smith Wosinski and her friends sponsored Abosede's education through Yaba college of Technology.  

It was a great relief for me because this time around,  Tahra Smith's team supported Bose's education,  accommodation and sent dresses and sandals to her, while our food bank supported her feeding. 

Bose was determined to succeed.  Bose focused on her education.  She has grown to become a reliable,  trustworthy,  honest, God fearing and intelligent young woman. It is rare to find such girls in Nigeria today, but Bose is one, and I am in no way related to her by blood, I am from Ondo state. 

Bose is Brilliant in her own way, she never allowed the death of both parents to hinder her path to success. She journeyed gallantly and has become a bold young lady. No longer the weepy whining young girl that was introduced to me in Ijegun a few years ago.

Last year,  Abosede graduated from the department  of Quantity surveying in the Yaba college of Technology, (Higher National  Diploma).

If not for the Covid-19 pandemic, she would have been serving her fatherland in a village in Nigeria. 

I was able to learn a lot from the way Abosede's issue was handled,  because Abosede was extremely shy, we decided to make her one of our board members,  the past 7 years,  she has worked with us to build other indigent girls in Ibasa. She has attended many Transformation training both online and offline. 

Bose has brilliantly represented us in many events. She has become a good role model to thousands of women and girls.

She is always ready to learn and in the past 7 years, I have been able to teach her Tie and dye, knitting,  sewing,  farming,  animal husbandry and Art making.

She can confidently do all these aforementioned works perfectly.  She has trained hundreds of women and girls in these skills.

My usual say is that, if we wear our care Cape, there will be no orphans in the world. Let us embrace the orphans in our midst.

We have an ongoing scholarship programme for female orphans in Ibasa, my friends and myself support these girls and one boy.

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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 10, 2020
Oct 10, 2020

My dear sister,
You lead the way with your reporting on your work, to show how one determined woman can make change happen for many. You show how by sharing what we can with each other, whether it be information, emotional support, funds, love, the change in one woman's life is a victory and celebration. While we work together for the world we know is possible, a world in which no one is living in poverty, you build the bridges that change lives.
Deep sisterhood in gratitude that we have you here with us,

Oct 11, 2020
Oct 11, 2020

My Lovely sister Amen to your good wishes.
Thanks for being our amazing sister.

Marie Abanga
Oct 11, 2020
Oct 11, 2020

Dear Sister Mi,
Reading this gives me goose pimples because I could never tell when I met Bose in Lagos and Ibassa that she was once a shy and whinny girl lol.
I learned and still learn so much from you and Ibassa Star of Hope Transformation Center.
Am so grateful you have such Angels on your path, and that you keep sharing with us what wearing our care capes can do to us, to the other and to our communities as a ripple effect.
Love you always big sis

Oct 11, 2020
Oct 11, 2020

Yes my Lovely sister. Na so oo. I don't even know her family o. She was a total stranger before. Now she is my sister.
May Almighty God strengthen us... Amen.
I Love You more.

Oct 11, 2020
Oct 11, 2020

Dear sister Olutosin,
Thank you for all you do for humanity .
I am deeply touched by this :" if the wear our care cape there will be no orphans in the world .
I am learning from people like you daily .
I strongly have this believe that we will still get to experience a world where no one is living in poverty , a world where the girl child's voice is heard and respected .
A world free from discrimination against the girl child.
A bright future for every girl child .
A world where there are 'no Orphans'.

I love you dear sister

Oct 11, 2020
Oct 11, 2020

Amen to your prayers ma. May God help us to do more o.

Nini Mappo
Oct 12, 2020
Oct 12, 2020

Dear Olutosin,
I want to be a real African and say "Pictures of moni moni...they go na see de evidence-oo", but then again, I can see that that smile is beyond the financial enabling, to all the love and care and value you have poured into that young girl. Good on you for keeping your care Cape always on, and seeing beyond the physical needs to care for and nurture the whole person. Beautiful story!

Oct 13, 2020
Oct 13, 2020

Ah ah ah Yes oooo.
May we be strengthened to do more. Amen.