Amida Oluwatosin
Posted June 7, 2020 from Nigeria

Rape, act of sexual intercourse with an individual without his or her consent, through force or the threat of force. In many jurisdictions, the crime of rape has been subsumed under that of sexual assault, which also encompasses acts that fall short of intercourse. Rape was long considered to be caused by unbridled sexual desire, but it is now understood as a pathological assertion of power over a victim. Rape has become a norm in our society where we see different people raping their opposite sex. Our society is now unsafe for our young girls and ladies to live because of the behavior of our young men. The question is those people that rape, didn't they know that raping is not good. This is more reason why rape should look at it in a psychological perspective.

Rape has been viewed in different ideas but it is necessary to look at it in psychological perspective. Psychology deals with the study of human and animal behavior. According to Sigmund Freud who was a Jewish doctor, he uses his experience to explain the personality of human behavior. Sigmund Freud identifies three personalities also called the psycho- analysis in human which is the ID, EGO and the SUPER EGO.

In this model, there are three metaphorical parts to the mind:

  1. ID: The id operates at an unconscious level and focuses solely on instinctual drives and desires. Two biological instincts make up the id, according to Freud: Eros or the instinct to survive that drives us to engage in life-sustaining activities, and thanatos, or the death instinct that drives destructive, aggressive, and violent behavior.
  2.  The id is always dominant in human mind especially in the mind of a baby and it is the negative part in the human mind. For example those people that rape Uwa Omozuwa a UNIBEN 100level student, didn't they know that raping is not good. The answer is that they know but because of the Id that is dominant in them which makes them to rape their opposite sex, which is why we referred to id as the negative part. Another example is that a little girl or boy that knows that his or her parent did not have money to buy sweet but still yet she is crying for sweet, which was the id because the id is very powerful in human mind. The ability to control the id is what human needs.
  3. Ego: The ego acts as both a conduit for and a check on the id, working to meet the id’s needs in a socially appropriate way. It is the most tied to reality and begins to develop in infancy. The ego is like the positive part in the human behavior, the ego react to what the id is about to do. The ego is not as powerful as the id. for example if you wakes up in the mid night to read and something tells you that you can read in two hour times and another thing in you is telling you that no read now because you can sleep off and wakes up in the morning. The ability for the ego to conquer the id is to read when you wakes up and read as you planned. But most times in human mind, the id is always over riding the ego.
  4. Superego: The superego is the portion of the mind in which morality and higher principles reside, encouraging us to act in socially and morally acceptable ways (McLeod, 2013). the super ego is the one that will balance what is between the id and the ego, that is why the super ego is called moral principle. for example, those people that raped Uwa Omozuwa UNIBEN 100level student, would have discussed among themselves that they should rape the lady but a mind would be telling them that they should and the other will say that they should not rape, it is super ego that would now balance what is going on between the id and the ego, that it is not good to rape, that a real man do not rape. so it is now left for the ego to win or the id to win. like i said that most times, the id usually overide the ego.





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Sumaira Rajput
Jun 08
Jun 08

wonderful write up bravo! Read my first story also waiting of your response

Jill Langhus
Jun 08
Jun 08

Hi Amida,

Welcome to World Pulse. Thanks for sharing your thought-provoking post, as well as being an advocate for girls and women and standing against rape.

Anita Shrestha
Jun 09
Jun 09

Thank you for sharing

Jun 10
Jun 10

Nice one Amida!
Welcome to World Pulse and thank you for sharing.


Hello, Amida,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy that a new voice from Nigeria is rising up!

Thank you for speaking up against rape. We would love to read more from you. Please keep on writing.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

leila Kigha
Jun 11
Jun 11

Hello Amida
welcome to world pulse and thank you for sharing about this topic!
i stand against rape!

Jun 12
Jun 12

Thank you for sharing .
Please stay safe .
You are special to us .

Catherine De Freitas

Hello Amida,
This issue just seems never ending. There isn't enough words that I can say as to how this really hurt me. But I can certainly say that you are a blessing and your voice is needed. I STAND with you. We look forward to hearing more from you. Blessings.

Asaad Ali
Jul 12
Jul 12

Thank you for sharing