Crossing the river

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Posted February 11, 2021 from Bangladesh

Tidal water is increasing gradually.

Basically, it is not tidal water. It is ice melting water flowing from the Himalayas as that is seemed heavier for India. Due to the opening of the Farakka gate, the water has created flashflood on both the banks of the dried rivers, It’s nothing new for Bangladesh, the southern country usually goes flooded.

Dasu informed his father Sudharamrushing to the room in the exhaust. Goods of the shop have to be shifted because at any time it can go underwater. Sudharm is also aware of this. However, this doesn’t matter to the elderly guy Sudharam. Rather he thinks, let it be inundated, it is enough, how it is possible like this? The shop is located at the bank of the river, so there is a disturbance. Sometimes he angers with nature, but it is for a short time because of a single factor. This has helped offer him a livelihood. Nature should not be given the blame. Sudharam realizes the water in growing up. He is skilled enough to predict the weather, his long staying at the bank of the river made him experienced. Sudharam doesn’t move, Dashu seems to be inconsistent, started the occupation of shopkeeping recently. Therefore, if everything is washed away at the beginning, what will be in the future?

Sudharam thinks for a while, but he doesn’t like to more, some sorts of hassle at the spacing of a few days. However, the flood may harm a lot this time. Water seems not a good one.

Goods of the shop were shifted, water is rising up gradually. Sudharam’s house might be going underwater. He sensed earlier that the water would rise up. However, he couldn’t perceive the water would rise up as such. Goods of the shop were shifted to the residence, that needs to shift again. Pains over the sufferings. Dasu seems to be puzzled, got a married couple of days back. All of his comforts have been ended.

Parvati is the wife of Dasu, she hails from the neighboring village. Her father is a poor vulnerable man. Who cares for such a bride to get married? However, two factors helped her to be the newly wedded bride (wife) of this house. Parboti’s father MukundaLal is the child-friend of Sudharm. Parvati was very good to look at. So she won the issue in spite of being a poor girl. The entire house was fortunate to have Parboti as the wife of Dasu.

Parvati is not envious despite her charming beauty, rather she is very submissive, she is newly married. Flood water has washed away all of her joys and amusements. However she is not irritated, rather delighted, She helps Dasu to perform his works. She condolesDasu that it was a normal happening at the bank of a river. Keep strength in mind, floodwater would recede shortly.

But floodwater increased more, Sudharam is habituated with such type of situation when he first came at this ghat, he was also younger as Dasu, wedded newly, The sudden flood made them perplexed. He then managed everything with his newly married wife, similar to Dasu,s  condition.

Sudharam’s wife Ruma was also very beautiful like Parboti, Sudharam could spend a span of 40 years only due to his spouse, who made the unstable Sudharam calm and quiet. Sudharam grades his wife too much, instability can’t produce a lot in life. Patience is the core of survival.

Fifteen days have passed, foodstuff of the house has also ended, cash money seems to be a crisis. There is no symptom of receding water. India has opened all the gates of the Farakka dam. What they can do? West Bengal, Bihar has gone underwater, the flood water also attacked the innocent people of this area. Sudharam can’t think what to do? He couldn’t perceive to be captive due to water. He has no works other than moving sometimes. However, let it be done. Some people have died due to snake bite. Sudharam also fears snakes.

Dasu became inconsistent day by day, which is evident in his behavior. He quarrels with his wife over a trifling matter. Though his wife was innocent. Dasu loses his temper in a simple saying. Sudharam lastly stopped his son arrogantly. Dasu also came to realize that Parboti was innocent.

Lastly the good news, water is receding. It takes one week to recede water and getting the environment normal. Sudharam starts thinking again, Dasu also starts working along with his wife. He is busy making his shop fit. The new year arrives after the end of the previous one. Dasu also receives new guest in his family. Parvati is overwhelmed with endless joy to be the mother of a sweet son. Shifting of the ghat in a new place was an old agenda. The work of shifting started in a full swing. The present ghat is about seven km. north to the old one. Everyone is thinking to shift shops there. Sudharam and Dasu are also in the race. They might not be able to stay longer at the old ghat. Most of the shopkeepers shop at the old ghat at the daytime and set up new shops at the new ghat during the night. Everybody is ready so that they can start shopping as soon as the ghat starts functioning.

New ghat started working after the inauguration without any formalities. Sudharam and Dasu also started shopping at the new ghat. Parboti sometimes arrives there with her newborn child, particularly at night time.

Today the moonlight is very intensive and vivid. After the evening, Parboti steps forward with her son towards the ghat. As soon as she arrives at the ghat her child starts crying. Parvati tries to cool the baby down, but in vain. It seems abnormal to her.

A handsome youth appears and starts speaking in a mild voice with a smiling mood. The stranger extends his hand towards the baby who jumped at him instantly. Both the youth and Parboti introduced to each other. The youth shows his precious vehicle and indicates to go to Dhaka after ending a task in Khulna.

Suddenly there was a change, Parvati told carelessly, she had an old dream to have a lift in a nice vehicle like this. The youth indicates her to get in the vehicle and Parboti got in instantly. The vehicle got into the ferry.

The vehicle moves fast towards Dhaka. Madan Mohon Provakar instructed the driver to start audio music. He is not a bad man and didn’t start any vulgar or wrongdoings. The tiny baby of Parboti took a deep sleep at the lap of Provakar.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 12
Feb 12

Hi Omar,

Welcome back. How are you doing? Is this a true story? Where is Parboti and her son going? Thanks for sharing.

Welcome back, Omar. How have you been? I'm curious, too. Is this a fiction you wrote or a true story?