My Mummy My Hero and Her Rejected Female Children

Posted May 28, 2020 from Nigeria
My Mother, My Hero
My Mother, My Hero (1/2)

My name is Omotola Jesusina nee Bisuga, am a Nigerian and a Mother of 3lovely daughters

I am the 6th from the family of 8, (6girls and 2boys).the 2boys happens to be the 3rd and the 7th born

I grew up knowing my mummy going through a lots of challenges from both my uncle's, aunties and daddy's colleagues, her crime was having female children, she was called lots of names and I remember days of going hungry, days of not going to school and lots of pains.

It started with my Mummy having 5girls and just one boy, my daddy's family called him and told him he doesn't have children because girls are not children, they called my mum and asked her to give us all out as House helps, they stopped my daddy from paying our school fees, we were staying in the barrack because my daddy was a soldier, and she was ridiculed alot by my daddy and his family.

She was always been beaten by my daddy and was driven out of the land and house she built with my daddy in Ogun state, when they got him a younger woman to birth him children.(she birth 4boys and a girl) not knowing she was pregnant Iwith my younger brother.

I remembermy step mummy telling my mummy that the next time she will come into the compound will be her dead body which was exactly what happened.she never had the opportunity to enter into her own house until her death.

We sewed our pants with needle and thread, we use just one tooth brush  for the  8 of us, we wore clothes worn by others that was almost rags to them but to us, it's a new wear

We weren't accepted even as officers children and my mum will wash other people's clothes, sweep and do all manual jobs to feed us and pay our school fees.

There were times, we were driven out of our house in the middle of the night, and we have to stay in bushes just to hide from people's mockery.

Then my 2nd elder sister got into University and did well she came out the best and made friends with students from well to do homes, she was so intelligent, she does their assignments to pay for our school fees and when she graduated she came out as best Law student from Ogun state University, sweeping off almost all their awards, she with my Mummy sent the remaining of us to school with the help of some strangers. My daddy never  looked back and cater for us, he never did and only choose to return 38years after.

My daddy who never knew how I got admitted into a Nigerian polytechnic (Ilaro Poly,suituated in Ogun state)pulled me out in 1998,because of my stepbrother who is even  younger than my younger brother.just because he wanted to go to the same school and I was a stain to be in the same school with him, despite my been pulled out of school he never resumed there.

My mother and I ran Helter skelter but in the middle of the section I was pulled out by my father's order

I thought I will never be able to go to an higher institution but my mother,doubled her efforts, got me Jamb form, I sat down for the exam and got admitted into the university, the following year.

Oh my mother, oh how she struggled for 8of us to be graduates and other adopted Children

She before her death, had raised over 30 Graduates excluding the 8 of us.

Then on her 70th, March 6th 2010 we decided to celebrate her and on that day she was poisoned, she became bedridden and never recovered till she died last year 2019 December 30th.

I have 3daughters now, and I get  mocked everyday, people call me to say I have not given birth to children, My husband hardly stay around us, prefers to go out, oh how I fasted and prayed until I lost faith in Divinity.

I lost faith in myself, I hated my girls, I hated everything around me, severally I thought of committing sucide, just to run away from the scorn. I  myself went  through it and now my children are been scorned for been girls, ( very intelligent children.)

Then I met Aramide oikelome who pulled me into her NGO, and she introduced me to this group, she keeps saying she sees a lots of virtues I don't even think I have

The days of scrubbing floors for people and feeling inferior had eaten so deep that I see myself as nothing and feel empty but with her help,I am healing

Thou today I have no job but am always on ground to work for the NGO I found as my place of succour and I know one day I will be able to do much more for my children, that no one will be able to mock them.

That's my story in summary.

Below is my mummy's pictures after she got poisoned till her death


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Hello, Omotala,

Welcome to World Pulse! It’s always a joy when a new voice decides to rise up.

You are such a strong, courageous, beautiful woman raised by a brave, resilient, and loving mother. Both of you survived tough challenges others could not imagine to make it. Hugs, dear.

It’s not true that women are invisible even when others make it feel that way.

I’m sorry you lost your compassionate mother due to poison. Do you have an idea who did it?

World Pulse is here for women like you who need a safe space to unburden themselves and heal from their painful experiences. Please write more because we are here to listen.

Cheers to Aramide for helping you. Please remember that women are precious.

You matter. Your daughters matter. You are worthy!

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

May 28
May 28

Thank you so much, this is the first place am sharing my story, I always had to put up a bright Face with a Heavy Heart but after sharing, I feel some burdens been lifted
Thank u all

You're welcome, dear!

Jill Langhus
May 29
May 29

Hello Dear Omotola,

Congrats on your first post! Wow! That's quite the sad story there, dear. It's so sad to hear other women pulling other women down. We'll get there, though. And, I'm very sorry about your amazing mother's death.

I'm so glad that you've found the lovely Aramide. She'll take, and probably is taking, excellent care of you!

So, what is your degree in dear? What are you passionate about? I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and finding out more.

May 29
May 29

Thank you so much, I feel loved, I actually studied Animal production and Health( we are often called animal nurse). I have a BSC in Agriculture
MY PASSION is to organize events, go out get things needed, get the place organized before people starts coming in.
I don't know the category, I will place that but I enjoy giving counsels on events, organizing events, and ensuring the events goes well

Jill Langhus
May 29
May 29

You're very welcome, dear:-)

Oh, wow! Cool. But you don't want to focus on that any longer, or you see your passion of event planning coinciding with your passion for agriculture and animals in the future?

That's great that you have found your passion and know what you want to do, or are doing. Are you already doing this? I hope so:-)

Hope you have a good, safe weekend.

Anita Shrestha
May 30
May 30

Thank you for sharing

May 31
May 31

Thanks for reading and reaching out

May 31
May 31

Hello omotala,God can create way where there isn't, now let you turn apoint and forgive, stay safe

May 31
May 31

Amen, yes am trying to forgive that was our mummy's request to forgive our dad

Thelma obani 2020
May 31
May 31

Welcome to world pulse .
Thanks for sharing this story with us.
Stay strong and positive always.
Keep winning

Beth Lacey
Jun 01
Jun 01

God bless you and hep you going forward