World pulse helped me to Heal the world of IMOSHE

jesusina Omotola
Posted September 23, 2020 from Nigeria
School bags give away
School bags give away: School bags give away by GIRLS MENTORING INITIATIVE (1/11)

I knew I had it in me, the passion for other people after working with different NGO for 16yrs and also met and married my husband in NGO and when my mentor and tutor passed on (Sis Aramide of blessed memory) my dream to start out on my own was rekindled.

With candid advises and words of encouragement from World Pulse sisters , I took the bold step to start off my own NGO.

With the backing of God, I embarked on my first charity journey to Imoshe, Ogun state.

Imoshe is a place where people are never willing to visit but it also a place where people are in dire need of basic household items and food.

The journey to Imoshe on 19 September 2020 required courage. To get there, GIRLS MENTORING INITIATIVE team had to use canoe, it was a first time experience for many of us. The journey was frightening as it was fun.

I never knew tears could flow freely from ones eyes until I arrived Imoshe. Did I mention that Imoshe was exactly where I wanted? I wanted to touch the lives of people who had been abandoned, neglected and almost forgotten. 

We had tagged our visit to Imoshe "Back To School Give Away" because the lockdown imposed by the government was starting to ease and I knew how the people of Imoshe would desperately need household items and food.

On arriving Imoshe, I was teary-eyed. Sometimes, I think I have seen the worst of the worst but there are places that are worster, permit me to use that word.

We met with orphans, widows, teenage girls but concerntared more on the orphans and teenage girls given the supplies that we had with us. We wish we had more, I mean so much more.

We interacted with the people of Imoshe and met different cases but one of the most touchy was the story of a 12 year old girl, Aisha. She said she sleeps with boys and men for 100 naira, as in, one hundred naira just to feed her two younger brothers. We could not hold back the tears.

So many stories brought tears to my eyes and I wished I could do more. I wanted to reach out to them more people in Imoshe, provide more food, more medical supplies, teach them on hygiene especially during their menstral flow as all of them are used to using pieces of clothes instead of Sanitary Pads.

With the supplies in hand, we were able to impact the lives of 30 girls and Children. GMI was able to do this little shown in the picture and we hope to do more looking at November. If all things work according to my heart desire I would love to return to Imoshe in November, but in all I"m most grateful for the opportunity to serve these ones and we hope to continue to reach out to them.

As we ferried back home, the memories of Imoshe stuck with me and the evergreen song of Michael Jackson, "Heal The World" played in my mind. 

I reckoned, we need to make the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.

This story was submitted in response to #OurImpact.

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Nini Mappo
Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

Hello Omot,
It is great to read your story of courage, and taking the leap to start you NGO, good on you.
Good on you also for overcoming your fears to looking after the women and girls of Imoshe. Your compassion shines with every description. Is Imoshe a slum? I tried to look it up but couldn't find much.
Indeed the story of Aisha is very sad, and troubling. Could extended family help, or might there be social workers and child rescue agencies you could reach out to on her behalf? I can't imagine her going on as she is for the rest of her life. I hope that something can be done, that your trip to her area was really God ordained to begin a process of escape and rehabilitation for her.
Thank you for sharing her story, and your story of bringing hope and healing to the people of Imoshe. God bless you Omot, and give wings to your NGO to bring healing and transformation to many more people:)

jesusina Omotola
Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

Thank you sis, for been my strong support system, am glad and I appreciate you for making me post my story.
So grateful God bless you greatly

Feb 17
Feb 17

My dear Jesusina,

Thank you for sharing the touching story of the people of Imoshe and particularly, Aisha. A journey like the one you took is motivated by courage and a great love for humanity.
May you be empowered to do more for the young girls, boys, and women of Imoshe.
I encourage you to keep on trying to raise your voice for the people of Imoshe and to make their plight known to other audiences in Nigeria.
God will make a way for you to make more impact and I wish you all the best.

Jun 12
Jun 12

Dear sister Omot
Your story is one of courage and determination to make a difference in other people's lives. I know and believe that the lives you are touching are changing and the ripple effect will surely be felt. Keep doing what you are doing.

Laetitia Shindano
Jun 30
Jun 30

Chère soeur
Bravo d'abord pour ton organisation et pour le travail en faveur des femmes et enfants d'Imoshe. Le fait que tu es arrivée dans ce coin perdu est déjà un grand pas par le fait de faire connaître les problèmes de cette population . Le reste suivra.

Ta soeur Laetitia