jesusina Omotola
Posted November 15, 2020 from Nigeria
Doing our chairs
We are cheering for 19th November 2020


Good morning everyone, after 4months of Intensive Training of our Girls on Leadership and their community, (Global Girl Project and Bestspring foundation), our girls are finally ready for Graduation. They will be Graduating on the 19th of November 2020 and came up with their Project. They will be Giving back to their Secondary.School, as the leadership impact they have learnt from their Trainings They chose to Donate to their SCHOOL LIBRARY. AT IJEDODO SENIOR GRAMMAR SCHOOL

THEME--- Importance of Girls Education and Effects of Drugs on Education.

To make this day a Great one pls kindly support with the below

We have done

T-shirt/ Program /   Excercise books/ Banner/ Certificate/Files/Biro-/Library Books(Inspirational, Moltivational, Educational)/chairs 

What's left are Decorations/DJ/Nose Guards/Photograher/Wristbands/Transportation 

Omotola jesusina Sterling Bank 0042396292

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Nini Mappo
Nov 15, 2020
Nov 15, 2020

Hello Omotola,
It's great to hear from you! I was wondering how things went since our last conversation, and whether you are cruising in peace and inspiration. I'm glad to see that you have been hard at work and that your girls are graduating and learning leadership skills including event planning and hosting. Good on you!

May 03
May 03

Hello Jesusina,

I am in awe of you and all the work that you have been able to accomplish on behalf of girls in your community.
The leadership skills they have learned will, of course, enable them to make an impact on their schools.
A Library is the most important gift that they girls can give to their schools.

Please keep up the good work, and may you continue to build the nation through the work that you are doing with the girls.
All the best.