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jesusina Omotola
Posted October 21, 2020 from Nigeria
Expired on December 18, 2020
Our Previous Training class
Our Previous Training class on home made liquid soap, disinfectant, petroleum jelly, Hair creams, Shampoo,Toilet wash etc

GIRLS MENTORING INITIATIVE is a baby that was concieved 16year, we have been doing lots of underground work for the past 15years but we became a public name 2020.
We tend to Girls in needs, vulnerable and poor, we also reach out to people of all ages.
We have been Donating to a few set of people in our small capacity and wish to do more.
We need to feed the orphan girls who are roaming the streets with no care giver daily, give scholarship to those who are interested in going to school, while we train those who want to learn skills, such as The and Die/Screen Printing/Hat fascinators/Sewing/Shoes and Bags etc
Our financial capacity is too small for this, and we are currently using the church premises for Training which is not good enough.
We intend to equip the trained skill workers with equipment and tools but we don't have the financial capacity, but in all we are hopeful and still pushing forward.

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This offer can be used by anyone either through referral, calls, messages, any of our sisters can link anyone in need to reach out to us.
We also welcome Volunteers/partners/sponsors

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Jill Langhus
Oct 23, 2020
Oct 23, 2020

Hello Jesusina,

Thanks for sharing your update, and post. Can you add your website and/or social media link(s), and how you would like people to reach out to you?

Hope you have a great, safe weekend.