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About Me

I am a Jamaican, who grew up in a family that offered nothing but immense support and love- for this I am thankful. I've had some setbacks in my life. When in the pursuit of a dream that doesn't turn out the way you expected it, sometimes your confidence get affected. However, there is something about a comeback that builds your character and makes you stronger and wiser even more so with the support of loved ones. I believe not everyone has that system of support, a channel where they can be heard. Women who engage in "invisible" work, whether it's the stay at home mom, or the single mother who sells her produce in the market are sometimes not given the voice they deserve. It is my desire to create a space, utilizing the camera and the written word that will offer a voice for the women that are usually overlooked.These are the women that society may believe that their work or worth is not important. I'm hoping that this vision will be encouraged and supported by spaces such as World Pulse.

My Vision

It's my vision to create media content that will not only inspire and educate but to break stereotypes. In my effort to do so, I hope that I am able to address important social issues that will ignite change.


Economic PowerEducation EqualityGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenWomen in Leadership