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Rescue the girl child from the streets of Nairobi

Ontime Initiative Africa
Posted October 6, 2015
Expired on November 30, 2015

Initiative Title: Rescue the girl child from the streets of Nairobi


Girls are precious to us. Moreover, if we empower the girl child, we will be securing our future. Ontime Africa Initiative is dedicated to help the street girl child by providing a safe home and giving her formal or tertiary education.

Most of these children run away from their homes escaping “hard/harsh” conditions that they experience in their families most of which live in abject poverty within the slums. Some girls have experienced sexual abuse from their fathers, other relatives or neighbors; others are victims of drug abuse and early pregnancies. Poverty has also seen other drop out of school because their parents cannot afford their school fees. All these girls are desparate and hopeless.

Running away from home predisposes a child to vices like loiterring, child labour, prostitution, rape and stealing among others. ONTIME INITIATIVE AFRICA (An upcoming Ngo) is embarking on a journey to rescue the girl child from the streets of Nairobi. That is why we would like to provide them with safe homes where they will be given all the basic needs (food, clothing and shelter) as well as experince love and care as they proceed with education. We will ensure that all the rescued girls have NHIF to ensure that they get good medical attention whenever necessary.

The younger girls will be sponsored to pursue academic goals and build their future

The older girls will undergo skill trainings and we will empower them economically to start small businesses once they are ready. This will help them be economically independent and it will reduce the chances of them engaging in prostitution.

We hereby propose the above project for consideration, funding and launching in Nairobi County.

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