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Social Media training for Female Political Aspirants

Posted August 8, 2020 from Nigeria

An engagement has been planned for 20th August 2020 with Imo State Female Political Aspirants for 2023 general elections to build their capacity on the use of Social Media to project their profiles as well as a medium for campaign and remain in the limelight of electorates. Invitation has been sent out to 30 persons.

Goal: Increased knowledge of Female Aspirants on the use of digital tools


a. Built capacity on the use of social media to reach more electorates

b. Exposed insight into the importance of social media/new media in their quest


This is one of our ways of building the capacity of these aspirants and ensure that they are adquately prepared for electioneering process for 2023. The time to start is now. if not for the pandemic, we were supposed to have gone far on this engagements.

We will also plan an advocacy meeting to political parties to ensure that they will be given the chance to participate in the party primaries and avoid leaving them behind or intimidate them into given up their mandate for their male counterparts.


How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Aug 08
Aug 08

Thank you for sharing Sister.

Tamarack Verrall
Aug 08
Aug 08

This is such a great plan, to provide such solid support to women running for government office in your country, including making sure they don't get closed out from being heard through the whole process. I imagine that the women running really feel and appreciate this support.

Sahra Ahmed Koshin
Aug 08
Aug 08

Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. When women, especially female politicians, are given an online platform to share their views, experiences and stories, their voices amplify.
Worldpulse it the best place to do this.
Your sister in Somalia.

Nini Mappo
Aug 09
Aug 09

This is an inspiring initiative! I keep getting surprised by all the finds I read here on WP! I would never have thought that people aspiring to political office need any training in anything. And here you are training immediate future leaders! Good on you. Together we stand!

Aug 09
Aug 09

Dear Otahelp,

Great initiative, thank you. When women are tech savvy, they can reach greater audiences and it gives them confidence to advance their agendas.

It is extremely encouraging that there is a women dedicated to support female politicians to run for office.

Hopefully, the more women there are at the decision-making table, the better the chances that women's issues will be promoted, debated and acted upon for the betterment of society.

Keep up the good work. More power to you.

Hello, Otahelp,

These are great activities! Wow, you're influencing the political scene. That's something I look forward to reading soon!

Surely, you have impacted more than 5 people, dear. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

Paulina Nayra
Aug 20
Aug 20

Dear Otahelp,
This project is what every woman leader needs to be able to get their message across and project themselves to the public. I wish you success in this initiative. And success means electing more women into public office. Would love to know more about this.