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No Pulling Us Back

Posted September 4, 2020 from Nigeria
social media tool engagement with female political aspirants

i have learnt not allow other people determine your success instead be the one to determine your success.

Sometimes you have a very wonderful ideas and set out your goals, plan your event and the number of people you expect to show up did not show up. It does not make you a failure rather it is suppose to propel to go back to the drawing board to see what went wrong.

That was our story on 18th August, 2020 when we planned an engagement training with some Female Political Aspirants in Owerri. Initially when we had our first meeting in December 2019, we met a very enthusiastic 16 ladies that wanted to start working with us on the capacity building for female political aspirants. we were 16 ladies in that platform and the next meeting we had clashed with the COVID 19 shutdown. We maintained touch on our whatsapp platform which motivated us to plan another meeting immediately the ease of the shutdown.

Unfortunately, out of the 30 women we sent out invitation to, we expected to have at least 10 - 15 ladies but alas only 3 turned up for the meeting. We were not deterred, we had a short training with them on the use of social media tools which was very interesting and interactive. We rose up with the decision that we have to re-strategize and open the platform to a lot more female aspirants and raise awareness on the social media about the forum so interested female aspirants can join us.

We are planning on having another meeting this month of September 2020. We are doing a flyer that will be placed on all our social media platform to open up the platform. Initially we thought that starting with a small group will be better before opening up the group but we have been proved wrong. No pulling us down. we are marching forward.

I have impacted so many people because we have been on so many ZOOM platforms speaking on women capacity building and empowerment. We have also spoken on COVID 19 and Care delivery Burden on Women. I can say approximately 70 people or it could be more who has signed on for those meetings. keep a date with us and 2 in-person trainings on peace building and conflict analysis.

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Tamarack Verrall
Sep 04, 2020
Sep 04, 2020

Dear Sis,
It takes such strength to organize an event, and I love seeing the photo of the three of you who had the chance to come together. So often we hear after the fact that those invited had meant to come, and you were up against this virus as well. I love your spirit to not be discouraged, and to begin planning for the next. This is the sign of a true leader with wisdom and a big heart.

Nini Mappo
Sep 05, 2020
Sep 05, 2020

Dear Otahelp,
It is true that sometimes when people do not turn up to an event we spend time and creativity putting together we can take that to mean that our vision was misplaced. So good on you and your team to keep pushing on until you bring others along into the vision, because small numbers cannot kill vision while the passion in your hearts keeps it alive.
Congratulations on your growing impact, and your future impact waiting to unfold as you keep pushing shut doors open!

Jensine Larsen
Sep 06, 2020
Sep 06, 2020

Congratulations - you are a force of nature Otahelp. You are truly setting the pace!! We celebrate you and your astounding leadership!

Beth Lacey
Sep 07, 2020
Sep 07, 2020

Even if only 3 people turned up for your meeting- it's 3 people you have helped. Every one counts

Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Sep 08, 2020
Sep 08, 2020

Hello, sister Otahelp,

I love your indomitable spirit! That's the way to do it: honor the women who came, who saw, and who conquered by not canceling the event! We celebrate you! Not even a deadly virus can stop your work. Keep on keeping on, dear!

Paulina Nayra
Sep 13, 2020
Sep 13, 2020

"No pulling us down.We are marching forward". That's the way to go Ota. Never be discouraged by the actions of the people who did not turn up. Unfortunately, it is them who missed the opportunity to learn something. Perhaps something happened that prevented them from attending your training. What could be the reason? Could it be a gender issue? Those who turned up are the ones interested to attend and are available on that appointed date. Those who did not maybe interested but were not available. Again, what could be the reason? Good luck in this noble initiative. Wish you success always.

Oct 29, 2020
Oct 29, 2020

Dear Otahelp,
I applaud you for your courage, passion and "never give up" attitude.
What you are doing for the women of Nigeria is impressive.
People have a tendency to be skeptical and to adopt a "wait and see" attitude.
I am sure that the three women who came talked to at least 10 to 20 other women, and with time, you will see many more women coming forward.

The ones who chose not to come are the losers! Beginning are not always easy but you are certainly making an impact.
Keep it up and all the best to you.