Posted March 29, 2020 from Nigeria

It started like a joke and it eventually turned to be true life story. It spreads like wildfire around the globe. Every country, continent, counties and districts are affected directly. The world economies and social lives have been grounded by this virus.

I was just thinking today and I realized that Technology has made the world a global village. In my thoughts I considered that without technology maybe, just maybe, Nigeria and Africa may not be talking about COVID19. Technology has opened a wide range of communal lives and contact through travelling and communication. This journey all started with colonization of Africa and has continued in exposing us through the good, the bad and the ugly. In all of these, we are here now having access to the most wonderful gadgets in the world where we can sit in our sitting rooms even in the remotest village and view the world. It has brought with it so many internet crimes also but worst of it all is this Virus that is ravaging the whole world and nobody is safe.

It does not know social status, it attacks anyone on its path both old and young and it has been established that older persons are most vulnerable to it.

The media hype of this virus have instilled so much fear into people of the world that people are looking for where to hide or for solutions. Most have turned to divine assistance even those that ordinarily do not believe in a supreme being now do so.

In all the decisions to shut down countries airspace, land borders and waterways, markets, shops, businesses, offices how are people going to survive; the poor, the low-income earners, those that depend on daily earnings. My thoughts are getting crazier by the day – if COVID19 do not kill people, hunger, fear and frustration will. Domestic and Sexual Violence will be on the increase.

So many busy tips have been shared which is absolutely good for our sanity and for me it is given me the needed time to run my online course that I registered for. I also have time to spend quality time with my family and aged mother who is staying with me at the present.

I also noticed that prices of food times and materials like nose mask, methylated spirit, antiseptic in fact virtually everything is on the increase. The quest for material wealth keeps driving us instead of our humanity. Where is our milk of kindness if at this point some people are using it to fleece others?

I hope this pandemic is not a conspiracy of few who wants to play God by trying to reduce the population of the world. Like I said earlier my thoughts are really going wild.

All that is needed from us is to stay home and be safe and apply all precautionary measures. Lessons will definitely come in different ways after this time. We should be able to note them down for future development and increased work.

In sisterhood, I reach out to all of us on WP to remind ourselves that we must have at the back of our minds that we are keeping safe not just for you but for your loved ones, community, country and the whole world. It is surely a passing phase. God be with us all as we continue to pray for all of us.

This story was submitted in response to Dispatches from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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esther atosha
Mar 29
Mar 29

Hi othahelp!
Great insignt about tech .
Let's keep fighting this Covid2019 and pray for those who have been affected .
Thank for sharing your story .
Stay safe dear!

Hello, dear Otahelp,

What a lovely message you've written here. I hear you, dear!

I hope it is not a conspiracy, too, and if it is, may God punish them for real. We can only focus on what we can control for now. Thank you for this message of solidarity, dear. It is truly comforting to read this during these uncertain times.

Please stay safe always. :)

Mar 30
Mar 30

Dear Othahhelp
Thanks for sharing. Concerning your thoughts, our thoughts are alike. But God pass whatever ev5eil anyone is planning.
Stay safe.
One love.

Mar 30
Mar 30

Thank you for sharing. With Technology, it increases our awareness what's going on globally. It helps us to put in the measures to slow down the spread of the virus. Also, we can continue our work, kids can continue the study using technology under this pandemic.

Continue to pray to Almighty God! Hope everyone is safe!

Nabila Abbas
Mar 30
Mar 30

What a lovely message to spread around :)

Nabila Abbas
Mar 30
Mar 30

What a lovely message to spread around :)

Marie Abanga
Mar 31
Mar 31

Sis o,

It is truly a very challenging time for us. Staying home would have been fun if we al had large stock ups of all the food and other suffs we need. This is indeed time to be couragoeus and brave especially as women and mothers of humanity. Let's take care of ourselves in the process so we don't get burntout and drop out of exhaustion o

Mar 31
Mar 31

Hello Othahelp,
Thank you for this post.
Valid concerns raised there.
I hope you all keep safe, including your aged mum.

Like you say, in the face of wealth, humanity flies out the window for some.
All the best with your course.

Apr 01
Apr 01

Otahelp Hi :) hmmm this conspiracy might be true or not, we need to help each other as one humanity.... saving lives. What I believe after this pandemic, the coming days and years will be different. Many things will be changed. The only hope we have is with our faith with God.

You are not alone, we heal as one!
Encourage World Pulse Sisters:
#SheTransformsTech #LogOnRiseUp #WorldPulsePH
"We Heal as One"

Anita Shrestha
Apr 10
Apr 10