Stop Gender Based Violence and protect women's right.

Owenjolana Pascaline
Posted January 25, 2021 from Cameroon

Gender based violence is one of the touching issue which women/girls go through in society but the power to speak out sometimes is difficult.As Humanitarian/ counsellor on GBV I have come across a lot of terrible encounters.A young girl of 16 years of age narrates her story"Her mum got married to another man who is not her father and took her along.As she lives with her mum and step Dad things have not been the best.Her step Dad have been making advances on her,whenever there's no one at home, this man will call her in the room and start touching and sucking her breasts.She has reported this to her mum on the many occasions but all her mum could tell her was close your mouth,don't come and spoil my marriage,I have suffered A lot to be married and now u want me to loss it.This little girl wept.

Furthermore,she told me she has decided to avoid home.That is she gets up early as 4:00Am to bath and then she continue with house chores later.When its time when everyone in the house is rushing to school she will hurilly put on her uniform and go out in order not to meet with her step dad.And when school is over she will stay in a neighbors house till the others are back from school so that her step Dad will not have any opportunity to touch her.That is how she has been surviving.It has been a challenging life for little Lucy.I stand to say stop Gender Based violence and stop violence against women/girls.It is our responsibility to build our homes,neighbourhood and community. End Gender based violence.Like little Lucy,there are many others experiencing such but are not able to speak out.Women/girls should learn how to speak out.

This story was submitted in response to Gender-Based Violence.

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Regina Afanwi Young
Jan 25
Jan 25

Hello dear Pascaline, how are you doing. Thanks so much for your write up. What a touching story.
Its so sad that Poor little Lucy has to go through all that torture from her step Dad. Pascaline dear have you tried inviting Lucy's mum to tell her the implication of her action on Lucy and her Marriage?
What about seeking legal advice. Its very important that Lucy feel safe at home especially as it will also affect her studies.
Thank you so much for all the work you do for women and girls.
Keep up the good job sis.
Hugs×××× Regina

Owenjolana Pascaline

Dear Regina;
Thanks immensely.As a Case Manager on GBV, I am doing my best so far to handle the case.2days ago I had a dialogue with Lucy's mum who still insist that she is more interested in her marriage.Finally a close friend to Lucy's mum has accepted to take full responsibility of Lucy,whereby we have gone legal in case anything go wrong with Lucy as she struggles the mum will be held responsible.At this moment she is happy, she told me on phone she is now happy.Though her main worry is why will her own mum decide to hate her this way.As a counsellor, I'm doing my best to also build up the spiritual side of her.Making her to understand all good things work for those that trust in the Lord.Thanks immensely for your words of encouragement.

Hello, Owenjolona,

That is a disturbing story. Lucy was brave enough to speak up, like you said it's difficult for GBV victims/survivors to open up. It's sad when the mother prioritizes her own happiness and silenced her own daughter. Thank you for doing something about this circumstance, dear. We stand with you in ending GBV. Not everyone is as brave as Lucy.

Nini Mappo
Jan 27
Jan 27

Dear Pascaline,
Thank you for sharing Lucy's story, more so for being her support and seeing the very dangers that her own mother chooses to blind herself towards. Your support of her is giving her life value and building her self-esteem. More importantly, it will help her to be safe as she pursues her dreams. Good on you.

Owenjolana Pascaline

Thanks Nini.We continue to trust in God for grace and strength to be strong in times of challenges.Best regards.

Beth Lacey
Jan 29
Jan 29

I think we need some women of influence to have the courage to shine a light on these horrible situations

Owenjolana Pascaline

Sincerely we need it.Continuous Awareness raising is a possible solution.