My first menstruation experience

Posted May 25, 2019 from Nigeria

I started my period at 13. My mum who was a nurse was at work. It was on a saturday Morning. I quickly ran to my Cousins who were older. They gave me tissue paper. Then when my mum arrived I informed her. My dad also got to know it was fun, discussing such issues with him in the night he got me like 5 packs of sanitary pad. I didn't experience stigma.

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Jill Langhus
May 25
May 25

Hello dear,

Welcome back, and congrats on posting your first, inspiring story with the community:-) It's great to hear that you had such a positive first menstruation experience and that you didn't experience any stigmas. It's impressive that your dad was as involved as the rest of your family and helped out, too. It's very encouraging and inspiring to hear this! I'm looking forward to seeing more stories from you, dear.

You may want to consider submitting your story for the current call for stories, "Menstruation Matters?" If so, this is the link:

May 25
May 25

Wow, it a great experience for you. How are you? This is what we are all hoping to hear and see about "period" in the future.

No stigma, everybody will be happy and supportive about it. Thanks for sharing your story. Have a great day.

Hello again, Pacemaker,

It's nice that you have a mother who is a nurse. She must really know how to take good care of you. That's what I observe with mother-nurses. Thanks for sharing your happy first period story, May all girls experience the same.