Pallavi Gill

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About Me

Passionate about living life and understanding its true worth.We are here for just a moment and that moment needs to be lived, not just survived !

I am a homemaker,a business women with a very emotional heart which gets me into trouble all the time.But with this i have a will to differentiate what is right and what is wrong ,stand upto it and fight for the BEST and what is rational.

I despise gender inequality, subjecting women to domestic violence and emotional abuse categorically under the pretext of culture and empathy to in-laws.

I believe in EDUCATION,HOPE and ATTEMPT to better our situation.

My Vision

To imbibe in our sons honour for women, respect and social acceptance as equals.


A platform to convey my thoughts and encourage as many as possible to live a life of positivity


Motivational talks,Strategise skills to business /income oppurtunties


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