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About Me

I am BA in Political Science, feminist activist and political activist. I have a trajectory of more than 8 years in the work of advocacy in the women and girls’ human rights, in national and international levels. I have been a Consultant at FUSA AC in the Advocacy Area since 2015.
I was a Consultant for ONUMujeres-Regional Office for the First Plan of Equality and Opportunities of Argentina -PIOD- of Argentina. In addition, I was Director of the Gender Policy Observatory of the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires. She has been adviser in National Congress for more than 7 years in issues of human rights, international relations and population and development.
I am part of the network "Feminist Neighbors for Sexual and Reproductive Justice in Latin America". I am volunteer at the NGO "Center of Woman".
I have long participated in the Advocacy Commission of the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion.


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