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About Me

I immegrated to the US when I was 18 and I love it here. I have done loads of different things in my life, from pottery to selling health products online. I teach myself all I need to know, mostly from the computer. I have been very upset about the patriarchal domination of the world by psychopaths and I recently joined TreeSisters and found hope again. Then I watched a video with Jensine Larson and that led me here. :)

My Vision

The world shifting into the feminine energy, valuing Earth. People sharing, caring and loving and being kind to women and children.


I don't really feel the need for any support. I am plugging into the forest floor for support from my TreeSisters and I feel surrounded love


I have lots of skills myself and I can perhaps see through some handicaps they are having in creating the life they want.


Women and the EnvironmentEmpowering GirlsWomen's HealthHuman Rights for Women


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