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About Me

I am a single mum to three sons and grandma to one. Born and raised in Africa, I came to UK in my late teens. Having experienced colonialism, racism, sexism and christianity, I realised that internalised racism and sexism is far more dangerous as it makes us participate in our own oppression. I am a Social scientist, teacher, lecturer, community activist, general nurse, couples counsellour , life coach, business coach and reseacher. My life circumstances meant I learnt what I needed to in order to be there for my sons. I am passionate about freedom, justice, empathy and compassion

My Vision

My dream is that African women and girls regain their power by facing and dealing with internalised racism, colonial mentality and sexism; that women all over the world will self-liberate from internalised oppression and refuse to do men's dirty work for them - for example genital mutilation, foot binding etc -and so kill off these barbaric "traditions"- and work together across the globe to make domestic violence a thing of the past, so women and children can feel safe and secure in their own homes.


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