Posted November 2, 2016 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

On all living levels such as social, economic, religious, etc. Women always play very important roles to improve community issues, but she is still facing challenges that cannot let her pursuit roles that she is able to perform in the community. In DR Congo particularly in Bukavu, girls are still discriminated in schools, workplace and even in their family. In schools, universities or colleges, for example some immoral teachers always have sexual intercourse with girl pupils to pass a class. This is common and is still going on. This is because girls still ignore their rights and do not happen to denounce this sexual crime. Apart from schools, some young ladies under eighteen years are sexually exploited in bars and night dancing clubs although the Congolese law forbids to use that category of people under eighteen in such jobs since they are known as minors. In addition, some family members are dictating their daughters the way they have to get married. Given that children have to respect parents and be submissive, This family dictatorship which is considered nowadays as human right abuse disorients girls and block them to evolve. As far as workplaces are concerned, a great number of girls can work in companies, public services, notional and international organizations on condition that they agree to have regularly sex with the head or representative of the company, organization. This practice has become common for any girl who finishes studies and wants to work. They use to say: job comes from far. I am sure and convinced that if victims were informed about their rights and if people committing this were informed and punished, these issues against girls would stop in Bukavu. The rate of boys who attend schools would probably be the same as that of girls and both girls and boys would now on be considered to be important children on the same level.

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Nov 03, 2016
Nov 03, 2016

Until individuals understand their rights, until girls know that they are entitled to any opportunity they are qualified for, it is going to be quite a long journey to civilisation. I usually say that the underprivileged people just need a single role model and an empowering leadership for positive change to take root. I believe one day light will shine upon the oppressed minorities and make them stand up for what is right.