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About Me

My name is Passy Mubalama i am the Executive Director of Actions and developpement initiatives for the protection of women and children affected by conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo,

Through AIDPROFEN we campaign to promote women and children right. I live in Eastern Congo labeled as one of the worst place in the world to be a women. The number of survivor of sexual violence and gender based violence are numerious because of war, conflict and customes and traditions in the region; The war and the conflict that caracterised the region since two dedicates continued to affecte women and children. This situation is caracterised by many human and women'sright violations such as, sexual violence, murder, genital mutilation, slavery etc; To live in such as contry is not easy, Many women are not educated and doen't know their right, I have a vision for women and for my country, to promote women and children right in eastern DRCTo realize my vision , i founded AIDPROFEN organization, Traught AIDPROFEN we support survivor of sexual violence and gender based violence by psychological and economical support.In our program we show to survivor how to overcome this situation and to be really autonomous and independent by learning profesions, (trades).My Goal is to help women in the rural area to be more independant. Trough our actions we are trying to make advocacy with the autorities to ensure that survivor of sexual violence have access to justice and that perpetrators of sexual violence are punished . I believe that together we can change our world and congolese women can access to justice and lives theirs lives.

Passy Mubalama la lecture, ecouter de la musique douce, jouer au tenis les conflits qui carecterisent notre region promotion des droits des femmes et des enfants, les medias

My Vision

Amener les femmes congolaise à connaitre leurs droits pour mieux les défendre.


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