My voice is interesting, attractive

Passy Mubalama
Posted July 3, 2013 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

My voice is interesting, attractive, compelling, provocative instigator I want to be correspondent of Voice of Our Future to wear off the voice of my sisters in our community who are not heard, but who are victims of various armed conflicts that characterize the eastern DRC but also the customs and traditions that devalue women in DRC . Be a correspondent of voice of our Voice will allow me to carry off their cries but also help to bring social change in our community This program will help women in my community to be heard around the world through the articles and stories that I will achieve. This will interact with other women in the world to see how they found solutions to problems related to gender and gender discrimination within their communities. While showing that women do to promote their rights in the DRC

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Jul 03, 2013
Jul 03, 2013

Can't wait to listen to these voices of women through your writing. I've found that collaborative knowledge for fighting gender discrimination is a great tool. Every country or community has its specific features, but nothing stops them from learning from each other's experiences.

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