Blooming Through the Winter Season!

Patience Nyange
Posted November 25, 2019 from Kenya
Winter Wonderland in Cardiff City
Winter Wonderland in Cardiff City (1/2)

Hei, hei!

It’s yet another Monday, here we go. Our heating system is working perfectly   Life is beautiful  Now, winter is around the corner and people are slowly by slowly getting gloomy each passing day.

It's understandable. Even before 5pm, it is already dark. So its dark, raining and temperatures as low as 6°C   If you come from tropical weather like ours in Kenya, you will understand why some of us will easily get depressed during such winter.

But, hold on. Depression for who? I have devised my survival tactics. I am sharing them with you. See if you will find something useful. I am open for coffee dates, anything to spruce up my life at such a time.

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See you again next Monday, Inshallah  #IAmChevening #MyCheveningJourney

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Jill Langhus
Nov 25, 2019
Nov 25, 2019

Hi Patience,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and informative blog post. Depression is for real:-( And so is cold, dark I hear you. I do love Christmastime, though, and the Christmas spirit. Hope you're able to keep your spirits up during the holidays and through the winter, dear.


Anita Shrestha
Nov 26, 2019
Nov 26, 2019

Wow, nice scene

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Nov 26, 2019
Nov 26, 2019

Hello, Patience,

Those are really great photos! Thank you for sharing this with us. Ohh, depression and winter, they can be related somehow. Stay strong, you guys!


Nov 28, 2019
Nov 28, 2019

Hi Patience,
You're already reminding me of Christmas with these beautiful photos of yours. Thanks for sharing your tactics. Hope you'll get something for us who are expecting harmattan in Nigeria and some West African countries.


Harriet Chimdirimebere Okoro

Marieta Dimova
Jan 02
Jan 02