Shocking Revelations on BAME Practitioners-CIPR Report!

Patience Nyange
Posted June 22, 2020 from Kenya


I hope you are well.

Are you from the Black Minority Ethnic Community? Have you dreamt of working in the United Kingdom? Well, if you have, this blog post is for you. Here is a glimpse into the shocking exposés published by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in the UK in which BAME practitioners decry racism, microaggression, unconscious biases, and perpetuated social stereotypes.

Sad tales of people who have to work in an inflexible culture that limits their potential, denying them opportunities and fair progression up the career ladder.

Here we go-

#IAmChevening #MyCheveningJourney

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Jun 22
Jun 22

Thank you for sharing Sister
Please stay safe out there .
Love always Chi.

Catherine De Freitas

Hello sis,
How are you? Hope all is well with you. :) Thank you for sharing on such an important issue.
I myself have experienced microaggression and so many sisters and brothers have shared their experiences with me. It really hurts but we would continue to press forward in unity. I look forward to reading more stories from you. Your voice matters. hugs and blessings :)

Hello, sis. I'm sorry to know that. Hugs.

Catherine De Freitas

Yes Dear but we do not allow it deter us. Hope you are good. Hugs :)

Hello, Patience,

How have you been? Thank you for raising your voice about this issue. Keep it up!

Jun 25
Jun 25

Hi, Patience.

Yes, it was a difficult piece to read. Being black and also a victim of microaggression, I could personally relate to the stories being shared.

Thank you for sharing this report on your blog. Yes it might look like no one is listening (and it is particularly heartbreaking that it takes the death of George Floyd to bring these issues to light), still I personally believe that there are those among them who are watching and listening and learning and changing their ways. Yes, I believe so. All hope is not lost. It takes bold voices like yours to shed some much needed light on the hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) practices of systemic racism against blacks, Asians and minority ethnic groups.

Again, thank you for sharing. Keep educating the people. It will pay off in the long run. I promise you. Above all, let us remember to fight hate with love, fight a low self esteem with self care and positivity, and fight ignorance with information.

Much love from me and from your sisters here at World Pulse.

Patience Nyange
Jun 25
Jun 25

Dear QueenVirtuous,

Wow! What a wonderful feedback from you. I really love your positivity and your last call for action from all of us-

Above all, let us remember to fight hate with love, fight low self-esteem with self-care and positivity, and fight ignorance with information.

That spoke to me.

Much love back to you!

Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Jul 07
Jul 07

Way to go girl!

Anita Shrestha
Jul 13
Jul 13

Thank you for sharing