Applying for Chevening Scholarship? Prepare now!

Patience Nyange
Posted August 3, 2020 from Kenya
Chevening Scholarship


How are you?

Are you planning to go back to school? You know, you will never go wrong with Education. When they said Education is your key to life, they meant exactly that.

Are you planning to apply for the next intake of Chevening Scholarships? Do you know someone who knows someone who knows someone interested in applying for the 2021/22 intake?

Well, applications open in a months’ time. Your part is to start planning. I have put together some guidance for you.

Here we go-

#IAmChevening #MyCheveningJourneyApplying for Chevening Scholarship? Prepare now!

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Tamarack Verrall
Aug 03
Aug 03

Hi Patience,
I hope some World Pulse sisters get this!

Nini Mappo
Aug 03
Aug 03

Thank you for sharing this Patience, and investing your time and mental energy to put together some guidelines for those interested in applying.
I hope that you are keeping safe.


Aug 03
Aug 03

Thank you for sharing .

Hello, Patience,

It's so kind of you to share about the Chevening scholarship here. Is there an age requirement? I wasn't able to find the eligibility requirements because it said application is closed until September 3, 2020.

Thank you for sharing!

Thelma obani 2020
Aug 15
Aug 15

Thanks for sharing

Aug 25
Aug 25

Hello Patience,
Thank you so much for sharing this and for taking the time to share all these useful tips.

They sure prove helpful.

Wishing you the best as you continue your Chevening journey.