Kichesipirini Women Concerned That Convention on Biological Diversity is Not Being Met With Integrity in Canada

Paula LaPierre
Posted December 15, 2013 from Canada

The Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation asserts that the Convention on Biological Diversity is not being upheld with integrity in uncededc Algonquin Nation territory in Canada. Many Algonquin Indigenous Peoples and local communities have not been properly consulted. There has been no resources made available for consultations and there is no capacity development.

Please read the recent expression of concerns and suggestions: Kichesipirini In the Future We want in the World We Want

Please help us hold the Harper administration accountable in meaningful ways in unceded Algonquin Nation territory by insisting that the Kichesipirini be appropriately involved, according to proper community protocols that ensure autheticity and customary governance inclusion. Sign the petition at: you !

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