working with marginalized girls and women in uganda

Posted February 3, 2020 from Uganda
economic empowerment of women by volunteers

it is believed that poverty is diseases and when it comes to women and girls  it has prolonged effect which causes advanced challenges like Hiv/aids due to demand to meet basic need.

save the marginalized Uganda is working with women in areas of economic empowerment and money women facing domestic violence and HIV /aids attribute it to poverty and lack of economic empowerment however STM is using a volunteer approach to empower community and we are calling upon individuals,groups and volunteers to email [email protected] to be enrolled to our program of volunteer ship in Uganda.

in Uganda we have empowered women and girls to own a skill to start up income generating activity.

please join us to fight poverty and save lives by empowering them.

save the marginalized has also constructed a clinic to treat women and girls as well empowering men to support women to reduce the spreed of hiv /aids 

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Jill Langhus
Feb 03
Feb 03

Hi Paul,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing some of your organization's work and and inspiring mission. Do you have a website and/or social media page(s) for us to like/follow? Are you interested in collaborations or just volunteers right now?

You may also want to post your "need" on the World Pulse "Resources" page so that you can get more readers and potentially more volunteers, too. That's on this link:

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your organization, the work you do, and what impact you're making for these women and girls. Please keep up the great work!

Felicitas Wung
Feb 03
Feb 03

Hello sister,
The organization is doing well in trying to empower young women in order to fight against poverty.
It is true that poverty exposes women and girls to engage themselves into funny activities inorder to get basic needs. It's very sad.
Thanks for sharing
You're welcome to world pulse.

Hello, Paul,

Welcome to World Pulse! It's great to know that a brother from Uganda is now part of this growing family. I agree with you about the implications of poverty. There are truly many social challenges involved due to the lack of resources and access to services.

Save the Marginalized is a great initiative for helping women. You may also want to connect with some World Pulse sisters from Uganda. You may use the Search button on this platform to find them. I'm curious how did you learn about World Pulse. Please continue to write your stories. It's another way to network with the community here. Thank you for sharing!

Feb 04
Feb 04

Welcome to World Pulse Paul. May your advocacy reach more women to be empowered. I like that you use the power of volunterism, this will bring awareness and empowerment to community.

Metiege Noel Eve
Feb 04
Feb 04

Girls and women constitute the majority of the population and there is this popular adage that says if you educate one woman then you have empowered the world. Women are mothers and they play a very vital role to enriching society congratulations to your organisation for empopowering the women in UGANDA. I hope many countries will learn from your example

Beth Lacey
Feb 04
Feb 04

This is very noble and important work

Anita Shrestha
Feb 05
Feb 05

Dear Sis
Thank you for sharing. You are really great for working there. Keep it continue then god bless you and your community

Feb 06
Feb 06

Am glad,that men are also empowered to support women and stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. Its great sister what save the marginalized is doing through you,hope you gain more so you could do more.

Elizabeth Ziro
Feb 07
Feb 07

Great initiative championing for girls and women rights. You are on the right track. Kudos

laison sylvie
Feb 07
Feb 07

What a great project. Women and girls are key actors in the development of any community. Courage on such an impactful project

Marie Abanga
Feb 09
Feb 09

Dear Paul,

Thanks for sharing this, Congratulations on taking up the woman and girls' plight this way.
My hope is that you get many volunteers to help out with your projects
Kind regards