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About Me

I am a young female attorney who started her own firm with a partner. I was unaware of any sexism prior to being married and becoming an attorney. Marriage has resulted in others imposing extreme sexist expectations on myself and my husband. We do not believe in gender roles. In the legal field, I am constantly treated unequally to my male counterpart because of my gender, how I look, and my age. Facing all of these challenges has broken me but also made me stronger. I am here to be a part of this movement so no child has to face the challenges I have had to.

My Vision

A world where everyone and anyone can be themselves. A world where no one has to fit into a category. Gender equality is the start!


I would like everyone to share their experiences and for myself to not feel alone in what I’ve gone through or will have to go through.


I am an attorney and an artist. My skills come in the form of writing, speaking, thinking creatively, being persuasive & community outreach.


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